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Bloomberg to the Rescue, Delivering "News" to Investors Mar 12, 2010
Here's an article discussing the fact that JP Morgan and Citigroup escalated the collapse of Lehman Brothers by increasing the collateral and altering terms and conditions for lending. Duh. T...
Fraud, Mastered by the Criminal Banking Industry Mar 9, 2010
I have discussed the financial industry on numerous occasions. My sentiment has not changed.AAAThose looking for some kind of investment aoepaydaya should stay clear of the ...
Fair Value is Here, But Watch Out Below Mar 6, 2010
The stock market (the DJIA) is now very close to fair value from a long term perspective (if that even means anything to an individual investor, which it may not). Those who read “America’...
It's Official: The Tea Party Movement is a Scam Feb 5, 2010
IAhave previous written a few posts about the so called Tea Party Movement, discussing how many Americans have been fooled by this front for the Republican Party.
America Needs Seven Days in May Jan 12, 2010
IArun across a movie that some of you older folks might remember. IAfind it quite ironic, and perhaps more relevant today than (although not nearly as good as)Athe movie version ofA...
America's Healthcare Solution Nov 11, 2009
Would you like to become a virtual expert in healthcare in a few days?You will, if you read my new book, America's Healthcare Solution.
Key Publications by Mike Stathis Oct 23, 2009
For those of you who are new to AVA Investment Analytics, we advise you to take the opportunity to get up to speed on things. Below is a brief list of key articles written by Stathis over the pas...
WaMu Insider Trading & Naked Short Selling Oct 18, 2009
A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece discussing allegations of insider trading and illegal naked short selling of Washington Mutual, involving the banking cartel and potentially their hedge fund cli...
If You Listen to Economists You Will Go Broke Oct 10, 2009
In my last piece, I think I made it clear that the vast majority of economists are not only clueless, but very dangerous to your financial health. Make no mistake. At best they are broadcasters not forecasters. They’re better equipped working with historians to document events after they’ve happened. Yet, the when reporting what to expect, even after history has shown they always fail to deliver.
More Obama Mania Oct 9, 2009
I've always felt that the Nodel Peace Prize was a joke, and a disgrace toAbearAtheANobel name by it. News of the latest winner only confirms this in my opinion.
WaMu: One Year Later and Still No Indictments Oct 8, 2009
This September 25th 2009 marked the one year anniversary of Washington Mutual’s seizure, by the Office of Thrift Supervision (supposedly) as a result of insolvency (supposedly).
Economists Need to Sit Down and Shut Up Oct 7, 2009
I’m really sick and tired of these economists out there who continue to claim that America will not enter a depression. These are the same bozos that have yet to acknowledge the fact that the U.S. is in a recession and has been for several months now. In fact, as I have previously mentioned, I can make a very strong case that the U.S. has been in the early stages of a silent, modest depression for at least two years; at the very least a protracted recession masked by credit. After the...
Evidence the SEC Ignored WaMu's Request to be SAVED Oct 3, 2009
Hopefully, you have read my recently released SEC complaint alledging insider trading and illegal naked short sales involving the banking cartel, as well as criminal involvement of former SEC&nbs...
America's Financial Apocalypse: It's Not Going Away Anytime Soon Sep 19, 2009
For many years now we’ve all seen the reckless use of taxpayer funds by Washington. This irresponsible and unaccountable waste of tax dollars has been particularly prominent during President Bush’s tenure from billions going to blow up bridges, roads and buildings in Iraq, only to rebuild them to the Department of Homeland Security, which is no more than a joke. Meanwhile, America’s own infrastructure is in badly need of repair, with current estimates anywhere between $1.5...
America's Financial Apocalypse: What Can YOU Do as an American? Sep 19, 2009
My advice is to find some people who you trust; those with proven track records, those who are not tied to the television shows. Figure it out. You are only going to be misled by the mainstream media. They will only come clean after it is too late, fooling you into thinking they actually warned you in a timely manner. But as you can see, this is simply not a reflection of reality. That is how the dotcom charade worked and that is how this one if playing out. It’s game that is played....
Bernanke: Sep 16, 2009
As IAcorrectly identified a couple of months ago, the propaganda campaign by the media, Washington and Wall Street has been very strong and continues to grow each day.
Here is Where Your President's Mind Is Sep 15, 2009
I ran across an article that might have blown past many of you.A This article clearly demonstrates where President Obama's mind is...occupied with BS.A
Just One More Reason to Boycott GM Sep 12, 2009
So many people speak of moral hazards, usuallyAat their own convenience. Most of you have heard the term used when referring to bailouts.A Moral hazard basically means that companies or indi...
The Healthcare Reform Legislation Process Sep 10, 2009
I just ran across this outstanding video presentation explaining the complex process associated with passage of healthcare reform. I highly recommend you have a look. htt...
American Fools Sep 9, 2009
I have said this is the past many times, and now I am going to say it with a bit more conviction. If you really believe there are two distinct political parties in America, you are a complete fool.
More of Less From Obama Sep 5, 2009
In tradition with the previous empty bag delivered by President Bush, President Obama has continued to offer Americans more of less when it comes to ways to ensure a viable retirement.
The Housing Mess the Experts Missed Aug 14, 2009
Death by Media (Part 3) Aug 13, 2009
As many of you know, the media black balled me and continues to today for a very good reason. They are protecting the agendas of their financial sponsors – the financial industry and corporate A...
Death by Media (Part 2) Aug 12, 2009
It might seem like the guys interviewed by the financial media know what they’re talking about. But if their position is too superficial or too extreme, their guidance could actually prove to be worse than those who listened to Larry Kudlow, or “Mr. Perpetual Bull Market.”
Death by Media (Part 1) Aug 11, 2009
Amidst all of the media coverage, instead of real experts, what you see are data collectors (Robert Shiller), perpetual doomers – guys who have been preaching doom for two decades Roubini, Sch...
Get Ready for the Earnings Meltdown Aug 7, 2009
I’m not talking about the banks or even the retailers. We all know they will continue to slide. I’m talking about everything else. With no real median wage growth since 1999, and soaring i...
The SEC Protects Wall Street Criminals AGAIN Aug 6, 2009
I could go on and on about this piece of news but I'll spare myself days of endless ranting.A Instead, I'll just thrown in a few lines.
Wall Street Wins, You Lose; AGAIN Aug 4, 2009
Today we have yet another case whereby the SEC has reinforced the precedent of securities fraud. This sickens me to the bone. ap us ge ...
Investors Fooled Again by the SEC Aug 4, 2009
The reported news of SECAactions to move towards a ban on flash trading pose nothing more than a smoke screen to fool investors into thinking the SECAis watching out for their best interests...
Wall Street Wins at the Expense of Main Street; AGAIN Aug 3, 2009
Fresh off the press, Bank of America basically gets a "get out of jail" free card for securities fraud and criminal indictments by BAC and MER executives by sending a few million d...
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