We are the home of the LEADING investment forecaster in the world. This claim is backed by a $100,000 guarantee. Have you ever heard of anyone back their claim with $100,000? So, who is the leading expert on the economic collapse? MIKE STATHIS, Author of America's Financial Apocalypse (2006) and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble (2007). as well as the Wall Street Investment Bible (2008). Those who followed the advice in these books made a fortune. We are #1 in Market Forecasting Mike advised investors to get out of the market before the collapse. In fact, he predicted the Dow would collapse to 6500 in his 2006 book. On March 9, 2009 Stathis recommended buying into the stock market. That would end up being the EXACT bottom. NO ONE else in the world made that call. Since March 2009, Stathis has kept his research clients in the US stock market. Mike has also nailed every market sell off since the financial crisis. Mike Stathis and AVA Investment Analytics... #1 in Distressed Securities Analysis #1 in Currency & Commodities Forecasting, #1 in Macroeconomic Analysis, #1 in Precious Metals Forecasting Yet, Stathis continues to be banned by the media...Why? Because the media intentionally airs jug heads and charlatans since they have been bought off by Wall Street. The "experts" in the media have terrible track records. By airing clowns and extremists, Main Street will be misguided. This will make it much easier for Wall Street to take your money. So if you pay attention to the media, you are going to get screwed. FACT: if you do not have our research, you are behind the curve.
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The Media Has Banned the World's Leading Investment Forecaster Dec 17, 2014
Have you ever wondered why most people get screwed in the stock market?
Al Gore's Global Warming Scam Debunked Even by Washington Criminals Aug 15, 2014
A few years ago, I made brief mention of the “Global Warming Scam.” As a way to point readers towards the path of their own independent inquiry, I posted a few videos.
Propaganda - The Documentary Jun 26, 2014
The following documentary was released a couple of years ago. It was crafted to give viewers the impression that it was a North Korean propaganda film exposing the dark and evil realities of the USA. The individual who made the film was actually a citizen and resident of New Zealand, and t's production had no ties to North Korea. Even the North Korean scholar who discusses many of the points in the film with his face hidden is not even who the film claims he is. I suppose this positioning of...
Statement About the "Controversial" Nature of this Website Jun 24, 2014
Stop Jewish Control Jun 2, 2014
The Jewish Mafia Exposed (Part 1) May 24, 2014
What if Japanese Traded Places With Jews? May 15, 2014
Never Question Anything, Especially the "Holocaust" Jan 31, 2014
If you are penalized (in any way) for questioning or researching something, that provides sufficient evidence that those who are issuing the punishment are lying to you and do not want you to know the truth.
When Israel is Mighty Jan 15, 2014
Subversion and Enslavement of the West Dec 29, 2013
Watch the video and confirm the claims for yourself.
An Example of How Political Correctness is Destroying US Businesses Dec 1, 2013
In this video, Mike Stathis gives you a few lessons on branding while demonstrating how the Jewish run political correctness movement has destroyed the USA.
Comments on the Debt Ceiling Debacle and Myths Regarding the Debt Crisis and Obamacare Oct 8, 2013
The Truth About Healthcare Sep 25, 2013
This video is the first of (hopefully) many more to come in the future on the realities behind Americas healthcare system.
Market Forecast Promotion Sep 20, 2013
Do we really need to say anything more about Mike's market forecasting abilities that have not already been shown by his world leading track record?
Comments from Mike Stathis Regarding the Fed's QE Decision (Video Presentation) Sep 18, 2013
In this video, Mike discusses an aspect of the Fed’s recent decision to hold off on scaling back on its bond buying program that you probably have not heard or read about.
The Rosenthal Document Aug 6, 2013
This booklet contains the text of a most revealing and shocking interview of a Jew by the name of Harold Rosenthal, which was conducted in 1976, by a concerned patriot, a Walter White, Jr. Mr. Rosenthal, an influential Jew learned in the Jewish ways and involved in the workings of government in Washington, D.C., explained the Jewish involvement and cause of the major problems we face today. Rosenthal, in exposing certain aspects of the 'inner invisible world of Jewry', revealed the modes and...
Stathis Exposes the Liar and Wall Street Hack Charlie Gasparino Jul 25, 2013
Media scumbags like Charlie Gasparino account for why I no longer watch TV.
Treasury Secretary Lew Lying About the Financial Crisis Jul 22, 2013
This video serves as a reminder to the American people what has happened and what must be done.
Discrimination: Jewish-Run CNBC Promoting Jewish Businesses May 19, 2013
I have written much about how the Jewish media promotes Jewish investment advisers, economists, fund managers and others as a way to enrich members of their tribe at the expense of gentiles. We continue to see the same kind of discriminatory behavior by Jewish run industries that we saw in Germany during the 1930s. It is a fact that Jews use their control over industry in order to not only bilk the public, but to also enrich members of their own tribe at the expense of others. They go about...
Do You Support Israel? Mar 20, 2013
Whether you support Israel or not, I suggest you watch this video. It certainly isn't going to increase support for Israel.
Washington's War against America's Middle Class Jan 22, 2013
I have been discussing the adverse impact of U.S. trade policy on America’s working and middle class for several years now. I began this discussion in America’s Financial Apocalypse.
Free Trade and the Jewish Mafia Oct 23, 2012
Among the various mechanisms of fraud carried out by the Jewish Mafia, the one most responsible for the economic decline of the United States has been its exploitative trade policy, otherwise known as free trade. As always, the Jewish Mafia has bought off an army of Gentile puppets to carry out much of its fraud, so as to escape detection. For instance, during the height of the Financial Crisis of 2008, President Bush was instructed by his handlers to denounce protectionism so as to...
Free Trade and the Suicide of a Superpower (Part 1) Oct 22, 2012
When President Bush was preparing to leave the White House during the peak of the financial crisis, he was instructed by his globalist handlers to preach the “we must guard against protectionism” line so as to reinforce the continuation of the propaganda campaign once Obama entered office. This line was taken directly out of the mandates from the United Nations, International Monetary Fund and other organizations comprising the globalization establishment.
Who First Alerted the Public About For-Profit College Fraud? Sep 12, 2012
The list of accurate forecasts and leading edge insights presented in Americaas Financial Apocalypse is too long to list.As an example of the comprehensiveness of this book, we will post an excerpt exposing the for profit college fraud that has recently become a topic of debate by Washington and others.
What Do Americans Want? Sep 3, 2012
During his four years in office, President Obamaas performance in the employment area has been as bad as one could imagine. Furthermore, he seems to not realize just how bad the situation is.Perhaps Obama has been informed by his advisers that there is really nothing he can do to create jobs because it has been U.S. trade policy that has been responsible for job exportation for many years before he entered office. But to make things worse, Obama expanded trade to South Korea, ensuring more...
The Solution to America's Great Depression: Eliminate Welfare Aug 4, 2012
Getting rid of welfare as a solution to Americaas depression might sound like a counterproductive idea. But letas take a closer look at why that just might represent the most viable option.
America's Healthcare Disaster Jul 10, 2012
Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act (ACA), often referred to as Obamacare. Despite the fanfare from the media, most Americans remain distracted by the bipartisan theatrics. In reality the ruling was a non event. The ACA never offered a solution to begin with because it failed to address the single biggest problem in healthcare; runaway inflation. The fact of the matter is that with or without Obamacare, the U.S. healthcare system will continue to be run like Wall...
The Most Heavily Medicated Americans Jul 6, 2012
Where do the most heavily medicated Americans live?What would your guess be?Would it be somewhere like Florida and similar states that have a large percentage of senior citizens?
After The Ruling: A Consumer's Guide Jun 28, 2012
In this reprint from Kaiser Health News, the new healthcare law is explained as it pertains to consumers.
How the Jewish Mafia Screwed You Jun 4, 2012
Apparently, JewTube enjoys allowing people to infringe on copyright so that it can make money illegally, similar to its parent company Google, which permits millions of of people who sell Google ads to use copyright protected material. However, when it comes to stating facts about the Jewish Mafia, JewTube won't permit it; it's considered a violation of its hate speech policy.
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