Critical Reads
Stathis Predicted Deflation in the EU in 2010 Feb 2, 2015
Do you remember back in 2010 and 2011 when every gold pumping con man and their minions were claiming that commodities would soar?
How to Make Investment/Trading Decisions Feb 1, 2015
We just released an audio presentation covering one of the securities in the Intelligent Investor recommended list.
Special Educational Presentation - How to Gauge a Selloff Jan 29, 2015
This video discusses a security from Dividend Gems and shows how to build a position when a stock is declining, as well as when to enter after a sell off. This video is available for subscribers to Dividend Gems and is contained in the Dividend Gems 2015 Video Folder.
The Interview: Mike Predicts Demise of Washington Mutual and Lehman Jan 23, 2015
China's Stock Market Bubble Jan 20, 2015
Below Mike has released Chapter 12 of his own 2007 book showing that he was the only one to not only have predicted the financial crisis, but also showed specific ways to land huge profits. Check to download . View Mike Stathis' Track Record , , and .
Mike Stathis is THE ONE
Can anyone offer any evidence that there is someone who is any better than Mike? If so, you would have already landed our . The fact is that no can because Mike Stathis holds the top investment forecast track record in the world. And if you are still not aware of this, it's time for you to get up to speed.
Alex Jones as a Case Study on You Tube Con Men Jan 4, 2015
EXPOSED: Jim Sinclair and (Select) Gold Pumping Websites Jan 2, 2015
I want to remind those who have not yet signed up and paid for a Membership or have become a Client via subscription of one of our investment newsletters that we have amassed the most detailed and comprehensive compilation of LIARS, SNAKE OIL SALESMEN, IDIOTS and such pertaining to the financial industry. If you want to avoid getting taken by the countless con men and idiots that seem to be populating by the day, you need to understand how these scumbags operate. It is only by studying our...
Stathis Nails the Dec 2014 Market Selloff With Stunning Accuracy Dec 19, 2014
The Media Has Banned the World's Leading Investment Forecaster Dec 17, 2014
Have you ever wondered why most people get screwed in the stock market?
World's Best Market Forecaster Continues to be Banned by the Media Crooks Dec 15, 2014
It's simple folks. The Jewish Mafia wants to SCREW YOU by creating the illusion of valuable content. This is all part of the Jewish media scam.
More Proof that Gold Bugs are Clueless Dec 5, 2014
The Most Critical Reads are Mike's Books
You can find more information on these books here.
Stathis Exposes Broken Clock Jim Rogers and the Media (Extended) Nov 2, 2014
Mike Stathis MUST Have a Crystal Ball. He Nailed the Market Correction AGAIN Oct 24, 2014
Jewish Mafia's Banking, Investment and Economic System Exposed Oct 17, 2014
In this podcast, you will learn how the economic and financial segment of the Jewish Mafia’s operates. Although there is a great deal to this topic, Mike keeps the discussion simple and brief by focusing on the banking system. In this 27 minute audio recording, you will learn how usury, deflation, inflation and leverage basically work, how they are connected and how they form the foundation of the Western banking and finance system. This is a topic that Mike plans to revisit and add to...
True Experts Have Great Track Records Oct 15, 2014
Mike Stathis Predicted the Latest Selloff AGAIN Oct 13, 2014
Mike Stathis Explains the Media Scam Oct 9, 2014
China Has Increased US Treasury Holdings by Over 2000% Sep 26, 2014
The following article is more than 7000 words and greater than 50 pages in length. The full article is only available to website Members and subscribers to one or more of our investment publications as well as other clients who have previously establish business relations with us. Below we have provided some excerpts. Among the endless number of myths that have been spread by gold dealers and their equally deceitful underlings over the years, there are a few myths that stand out above the...
JC Parets: The New Investment Expert in the Media Sep 11, 2014
Meet Josh Brown's former colleague and close friend, who he is continuously promoting. Birds of the same feather always flock together.
Stathis Nails the Gold & Silver Selloff AGAIN - Jul - Sep 2014 Sep 3, 2014
List of Forecasts from America's Financial Apocalypse
Here are just a few predictions made by Mike Stathis in America's Financial Apocalypse.
Who Do You Think Nailed the Latest Market Selloff AGAIN?? Aug 20, 2014
Mike Stathis is simply the best. If you aren't aware of that, then you just don't know his track record. Perhaps you're spending too much time listening to charlatans.
Dividend Gems Scores Another Huge Winner Aug 19, 2014
Not only has one of our dividend gems returned 50% (excluding dividends) over the past 5 months (and Mike recommended readers buy positions right when it bottomed) but Mike also successfully guided active investors through the up and down swings of the stock prior to the breakout.
Mike Stathis Reminds You Not to Get Distracted by Clowns Aug 1, 2014
WARNING: All Precious Metals Pumpers are Idiots and Con Men Jul 30, 2014
It is a fact... Says who? Says Mike Stathis, the man who holds the best investment track record in the world 8 years running. Mike Stathis Track Record , and Okay, now let's have a look at these con men.
Mutual Fund Disasters (Part 3) Jul 20, 2014
Mutual Fund Disasters (Part 2) Jul 16, 2014
Previously, we summarized some important pieces published on mutual funds a few years ago. See . Here, we continue with an in depth look at how some kid hoodwinked Main Street into sending him their hard earned money with the hope that he would be able to make them money.
Mutual Fund Disasters: An Overview Jul 14, 2014
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