We are the home of the LEADING investment forecaster in the world. This claim is backed by a $100,000 guarantee. Have you ever heard of anyone back their claim with $100,000? So, who is the leading expert on the economic collapse? MIKE STATHIS, Author of America's Financial Apocalypse (2006) and Cashing in on the Real Estate Bubble (2007). as well as the Wall Street Investment Bible (2008). Those who followed the advice in these books made a fortune. We are #1 in Market Forecasting Mike advised investors to get out of the market before the collapse. In fact, he predicted the Dow would collapse to 6500 in his 2006 book. On March 9, 2009 Stathis recommended buying into the stock market. That would end up being the EXACT bottom. NO ONE else in the world made that call. Since March 2009, Stathis has kept his research clients in the US stock market. Mike has also nailed every market sell off since the financial crisis. Mike Stathis and AVA Investment Analytics... #1 in Distressed Securities Analysis #1 in Currency & Commodities Forecasting, #1 in Macroeconomic Analysis, #1 in Precious Metals Forecasting Yet, Stathis continues to be banned by the media...Why? Because the media intentionally airs jug heads and charlatans since they have been bought off by Wall Street. The "experts" in the media have terrible track records. By airing clowns and extremists, Main Street will be misguided. This will make it much easier for Wall Street to take your money. So if you pay attention to the media, you are going to get screwed. FACT: if you do not have our research, you are behind the curve.
Critical Reads
Ron Paul: Paid Whore for Scam Artist Porter Stansberry Jul 5, 2015
The Rape of Greece by Jewish Bankers
As the propaganda continues to be churned out by the Jewish media monolpoly regarding Greece, take note of the idiotic comments confirming just how much the Jewish media controls the minds of the population. I wanted to republish the facts about the Jewish banking scum.
EXPOSED: Jim Rickards (Part 1) Jun 16, 2015
For the past two or three years now, a new charlatan has risen up from the ranks of the trash bin. Oh and he just happens to be Jewish. Coincidence? You decide. This egghead has been getting a great deal of media attention despite the fact that he has no track record, and was nowhere to be seen or heard prior to the financial crisis.One reason why he has no track record is because he has NO asset management training or experience. He is a second rate attorney who was part of the gang of...
Free versus Paid Content
I think it is important to remind people about the price and quality of content. It’s really quite simple. No content is truly free. You pay a huge price for that content. Unfortunately, the price you pay is almost always hidden so that most people never even realize what it has cost them. Most often, the cost is an opportunity cost or the cost of misinformation which leads to huge losses of money or even one's health.
Jewish Mafia Banning World's Top Investment Forecaster - Ask Why
Millions continue to be deceived and many of them have lost their asses in the stock market because the Jewish media positions con men, idiots, and mentally ill dipshits as experts. This is fraud. Ban ALL ad based content or else you're screwed. Many of you are already screwed because the media owns your mind.
Extension of the $100,000 Challenge
January 15, 2013 UPDATE: We have extended the duration of analysis of Mike's track record from October 2006 to December 2012. And we have extended the deadline for submissions for this $100,000 reward to December 2013.
Harry Dent, Wall Street Investment Bible and Brazilian Real Estate May 20, 2015
Foreign Real Estate Currency Scam May 14, 2015
Moron of the Month: Harry Dent (Take 2) May 3, 2015
The second take is always better than the first, but you decide!
Mike Stathis is Offering a $100,000 Reward
In August 2009, Mike Stathis posted a reward for the first person who could prove that there was a financial professional that could match his track record before, during and after the economic collapse.
Mike Exposes the Grand Scheme of Gold Pumpers and Other Con Men Apr 4, 2015
Mike recorded this 32 minute messege a few months ago. It was unrehearsed and unedited. He felt it was too long to release as a single audio so he divided it into 4 parts. These parts have previously been released. Here, we release the original single recording. The only editing that was done (besides the addition of the soundtrack) was to include the Australian man’s insults for entertainment purposes.
Mike Explains Why You Should Not Use Gold to Hedge Against Market Declines Apr 3, 2015
WSJ Airheads Accidentally Reveal the Managed Money Scam Mar 30, 2015
In coming weeks/months, the site will be permanently closed to the general public. Only active Members and Clients will be able to access the website. The email alert list will be phased out except for paying Members and Clients. Everyone else will be removed from the system. This change will be gradually implemented and once completed, is expected to remain indefinite. We will be making a formal announcement about this in the future. In this video, Mike blows the lid off the entire financial...
Dividend Gems Subscribers Treated to ANOTHER HUGE BUYOUT - Kraft Mar 25, 2015
The streak of huge buyout deals continues for subscribers of Dividend Gems. Last year, Dividend Gems subscribers were rewarded with a similar 1 day premium of around 40% when Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway agreed to purchase Heinz.
Predictions & Insights from America's Financial Apocalypse
remains as the most accurate, comprehensive and insightful book predicting a depression for the U.S. even nearly ten years after it was first published in 2006.
Dow-Gold Ratio Scam and Pricing of Gold in Foreign Currencies Scam Feb 27, 2015
Mike Stathis Offers Irrefutable Proof that Jim Rogers is a Complete Idiot Feb 20, 2015
Investment Education - Mike Explains How to Utilize Market Forecasting Feb 18, 2015
Mike Stathis Nails Latest Gold & Silver Trade (Jan-Feb 2015) Updated Feb 18, 2015
Real experts will tell you that precious metals should be traded in order to exploit the price volatility. This is the most prudent manner by which to minimize risk because it enables one to lower the overall cost basis and increase liquidity. The top investors in the world agree on this. It is a fact. Anyone who tells you anything different is either lying or misinformed.
Mike Shows You How Clueless the IMF Is Feb 16, 2015
For some time now we have been emphasizing the growing momentum in the U.S.. economy relative to the rest of the world. The recent (preliminary) Q4 GDP growth of 5% year over year confirms this trend is alive and well. As you can imagine, it also adds to the already strong bullish trend seen in the US dollar.The strength seen in the U.S. economy is by no means sufficient to reverse the slide in commodities. With China continuing to show signs of weakness, Japan and Brazil in a recession, and...
The Best Video Ever Created Exposing the Gold Pumping Scene Feb 11, 2015
Mike Stathis Delivers His Most Valuable Message for 2015 Feb 5, 2015
If you do not want to hear cursing please do not listen to this audio.
Stathis Predicted Deflation in the EU in 2010 Feb 2, 2015
Do you remember back in 2010 and 2011 when every gold pumping con man and their minions were claiming that commodities would soar?
How to Make Investment/Trading Decisions Feb 1, 2015
We just released an audio presentation covering one of the securities in the Intelligent Investor recommended list.
Special Educational Presentation - How to Gauge a Selloff Jan 29, 2015
This video discusses a security from Dividend Gems and shows how to build a position when a stock is declining, as well as when to enter after a sell off. This video is available for subscribers to Dividend Gems and is contained in the Dividend Gems 2015 Video Folder.
Blast from the Past: Mike Predicts Demise of Washington Mutual and Lehman Jan 23, 2015
China's Stock Market Bubble Jan 20, 2015
Below Mike has released Chapter 12 of his own 2007 book showing that he was the only one to not only have predicted the financial crisis, but also showed specific ways to land huge profits. Check to download . View Mike Stathis' Track Record , , and .
Mike Stathis is THE ONE
Can anyone offer any evidence that there is someone who is any better than Mike? If so, you would have already landed our . The fact is that no can because Mike Stathis holds the top investment forecast track record in the world. And if you are still not aware of this, it's time for you to get up to speed.
Alex Jones as a Case Study on You Tube Con Men Jan 4, 2015
EXPOSED: Jim Sinclair and (Select) Gold Pumping Websites Jan 2, 2015
I want to remind those who have not yet signed up and paid for a Membership or have become a Client via subscription of one of our investment newsletters that we have amassed the most detailed and comprehensive compilation of LIARS, SNAKE OIL SALESMEN, IDIOTS and such pertaining to the financial industry. If you want to avoid getting taken by the countless con men and idiots that seem to be populating by the day, you need to understand how these scumbags operate. It is only by studying our...
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