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"Watch TV, Make Money!" Who's REALLY Making Money? (Part 4)
Wednesday, June 10, 2009, by Stathis


In Part 3 of this series, I was discussing the “media club,” pointing out how no one in the media (regardless what their position is) is on your side. If they were and they had truly valuable insights, you can bet they wouldn’t be interviewed because the media only serves the interests of Wall Street.
This how the media club basically works. Once you’ve been on CNBC or FBN a few times, you’re likely to make the rounds to CNN, Bloomberg TV, CBS, ABC, etc. Ultimately, if things go well and you’re a “good boy,” you’ll be interviewed by all of the networks. In the best of scenarios, you’ll be turned into a media ham like Peter Schiff, Nouriel Roubini and others have. Their articles will be pumped into all of the useless websites like that partner with the media. When you see their pieces on a website, you should know to run for the hills.  
Whenever the New York Times, Washington Post, WSJ, Financial Times, Forbes, or other large publications wants to interview an “expert,” they will either select pro-Wall Street guys or they will play the “follow the leader approach,” interviewing guys who have established a “media presence.”
And when televised networks are running dry for “experts” they either find naïve and inexperienced hacks who will meet the media’s pro-Wall Street agenda, or else they will only air the realities of the economy and stock market AFTER the destruction has occurred. Either way, they deliver the message the media wants in exchange for free marketing time.
Whatever the case, the media exaggerates if not lies about the track record of their guests in order to make you believe they are interviewing truly credible sources.
Despite any differences they may have on air, all members of the media club are chummy with each other, whether we’re talking about the journalists from CNBC versus FBN or the so-called pundits and experts. The reason is because they realize they are all players in the media game. And they are all playing this game in order to make big money. Ultimately, that money will come from you if you watch, read or listen to them.



Washington works in the same manner. Democrats and republicans showboat for the media by sparing against each other. But at the end of the day they are out together enjoying dinner, drinks and sometimes prostitutes. They too, understand they are really members of the same team.
Even after being wrong so many times, you’ve achieved tenure with the media as long as you don’t expose the real truth, at least in a timely manner. In some cases, perma-bearish views are only permitted in the media because these extremist views serve to reinforce the perma-bullish message the media seeks to deliver.
Sure, you can say the dollar is weak and real estate in terrible or the stock market will collapse, as the doomers do. But this doesn’t upset Wall Street by consensus because much of Wall Street takes short positions. As well, Wall Street can play off of the sheep that get suckered into what they hear on TV.
When someone like Peter Schiff starts talking about the stock market, he keeps insisting it’s headed lower, even after a several month period of 25%, 30% and even 40% losses. This works in Wall Street’s favor since every experienced investor realizes there are always compensatory market reversals whereby you can make big and fast profits if you know when to get back in and get back out.
Yet, Schiff and other doomers don’t bother to mention this because that would weaken their extremist views – views centered around an extremist investment approach. And since they are there only to make money from you, the only thing that matters to them is maintaining their position.
As you might imagine, extremists are always dangerous. You must have the ability to know when the tide turns, for even a short period. That is how the big money is made. I cannot recall Schiff ever advising anyone to get back into the market over any of the numerous sell-off periods that delivered big returns thereafter. Yet, he has been on TV virtually every day and has had every opportunity to do so. Is this a man who really knows what’s going on? Perhaps he’s just too focused on his own self-interests. Perhaps it’s some combination of the two. You decide. 
So yes, doomers are interviewed by the media because ultimately, they indirectly serve the interests of Wall Street through their extremist views. The only thing that matters is that you don’t cross that line; you don’t raise issues of banking executives committing securities fraud. You don’t attack Wall Street even when they are guilty. And you most certainly don’t raise the issue of Jewish control of the media and banking system. 
If you look into each of the guys in the mainstream media you will discover how deep the roots are. There are too many names, publications and networks to mention.
All of the widely followed websites are in bed with the mainstream media as well. For instance, if you have a look at one of the perpetual doom and gloom websites, Financial Sense, you will notice the same song and dance, from Peter Schiff providing daily “economic perspectives,” to other guys being positioned center-stage; all guys connected to the mainstream media, most of which who happen to be Jewish.
Consistent with other mass marketers, when Schiff releases an article, you can find it plastered on dozens if not hundreds of websites all over the Internet, mainly the doomer and gold bug sites. Apparently, the man has no shame.
But Peter isn’t the only one of this group of doomers who got more things wrong than they got right and who have been preaching doom since the 1990s. There are several others. It’s just that Schiff positioned himself as a bigger target by his relentless pursuit and successful attempts at becoming a media whore.
Maybe if Peter only spent more time analyzing the capital markets (as one would think a global investment strategist would do) and less time as a marketing machine, his clients might actually be sitting in a better position today.
If you’re one of his clients unsatisfied with the performance of your investments, don’t blame Peter. Blame yourself for being so blind and following the CNBC hype. It’s not Peter’s fault. It’s yours. I would never place my money with a global investment strategist who seems to be spending most of his time with the media. It’s simply a bozo move.
The control of the media and banking system by Jewish men explains why you never hear anyone on TV insisting the banking executives should be stripped of their assets and sent to prison for destroying the economy. Instead, you have hacks and airheads from CNBC like Erin Burnette (she’s Jewish, as are Kudlow and Cramer) who make false claims, such as one of her most recent on Meet the Press – that Wall Street bonuses from 2008 didn’t come from the bailout money.
What’s an idiot like her even doing on Meet the Press anyway? NBC uses her to promote CNBC. As you might have noticed, NBC frequently advertises for CNBC, especially when it airs political shows. 
NBC also has some show called “Wall Street Journal Report,” I believe on the weekend, with Maria Bartaromo as the anchor. Well, as you may know, Rupert Murdoch owns not only FOX, but Dow Jones, which includes the Wall Street Journal and Barron’s. This partly explains why those publications have gone down the tubes over the past few years.
So, you have a man who owns a competitor of NBC and CNBC (Murdoch who owns FBN and the Wall Street Journal) airing a financial show on NBC, using the branding of the Wall Street Journal and using a CNBC reporter. Hmm. Sounds like they’re all in bed with each other to me. In fact, they are.
This is just one example of these alliances. There are many others. All of the financial print media is in bed with the broadcast media. And all of the big financial websites have the same ties as well, some more than others.
By the way, Bartaromo is married to a Jewish man. It appears as if you don’t get too far in the media or banking industries unless you are Jewish or have some Jewish ties. And don’t be fooled by the typical Jewish names, as there are hundreds if not thousands of journalists, executives and other media hacks with non-traditional Jewish names. 
Whether we are talking about the banking system or the media, you aren’t going to find Jewish men and women working as bank tellers, or even as branch managers. And you certainly aren’t going to find them working in the back office of media companies. They will always be in a position of power and authority because Jewish Americans tend to discriminate against others so they can promote their own in the highest positions possible. In many cases, the level of discrimination cannot be found elsewhere.
I know about this mistreatment from personal experience as a former employee of arguably the most Jewish-controlled and owned firm on Wall Street.
I do not rely on TV for serious, accurate news, financial or otherwise because it’s a circus show. That’s one reason why I’m way ahead of the curve. Shows with a reputation of being serious and informative have turned into propaganda stints featuring second and third tier guests. And they’re all the same. I know from experience they’re all in the club; yes even PBS and CNN; and yes even BET and CBN. 
You see, this is why I insist that if they are in any way connected to the mainstream media, STAY AWAY.
You might think some of these guys are on your side because they are opposing idiots like Kudlow. Or you might think they aren’t part of the mainstream media for other reasons. 
But let me tell you this. If they are on these websites, current or formers authors of,, etc., if the print media always runs to them for interviews, or if they have made more than one appearance on one of the bubble channels, you can bet they are not on your side. You can bet they are in the media club. And it is in your best interests to stay away. Otherwise, you will lose your money in the stock market; AGAIN; and AGAIN.
In the future, I will be delving further into the details of this media mafia, naming more names and showing you more evidence of this very dangerous weapon.
As you might imagine, America's Zionist-controlled media would never mention these issues. And if you mention them, you will be called an Anti-Semite as a way to silence you from speaking facts. This form of social intimidation must end and the truth must be combated. 
I want to make it clear that I do not want to encourage hate for any group of people based on race, religion, etc. We aren't talking of all Jewish Americans here; only the Jewish elitists. In fact, Jewish Americans who are not part of these elitists are victims just like the rest of us, because the elitists only care about protecting the interests and agendas of their “peers” at the expense of everyone else. It's basically a distinction between Zionism and Jewish, of which there are some very big differences.
There are other non-Jewish elitists who have similar goals of these media moguls. But the overwhelming control and influence in the grand scheme of things has Zionist roots. I see this as a very big problem because America is acting as a puppet for foreign interests. As you might imagine, U.S. involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and Palestine serves as a reminder of these misaligned dangers.
It is clear to me that in fact Zionists run America. For decades I always denounced this as hate rhetoric because I was unaware that I had been programmed to do so by America's Zionist-controlled media and other organizations run by Zionists that serve merely to dictate social norms as a way to shield this group from scrutiny, while disguising themselves as promoters of peace, equity and protectionism.  A couple examples of these groups are the ACLU and ADL. As you will see in the future, these groups are not at all what they seem to be.
In America, we have been programmed to dismiss criticism or other statements directed against individuals belonging to "protected" groups - Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, females - or else you will be labeled a racist, chauvinist or anti-Semite.
This is a form of social intimidation – another trick used by the media, and you should not fall for it. It is a form of mind control. And it serves to hide the truth. It serves to keep you as a victim while others exploit you.
People need to start asking critical questions, like how is it possible that with less than 2% of the U.S. population comprised of Jewish people, Jews are in so many positions of power - the Federal Reserve, the banks, Wall Street, the media, Hollywood, etc. When you delve into these realities you will realize how and why America provides Israel with unconditional financial and military support and why Israeli lobbyists groups provide much of the financial assistance to each political party.
Once a group sharing common interests controls the media, they control the minds and of the people. If another group controls the banking system, they control people’s lives. If the same group controls both, it’s like being enslaved. Do the research and decide for yourself.
I welcome everyone on this site, whether they are Jewish or Muslim, Catholic or Christian, and even atheists. The only people I do not welcome here or in my life are the elitists who seek to destroy America and rob the working class of their wealth, freedom, and happiness.
Before moving on to a couple of videos I've posted below...
Okay, now please have a look at the following videos:


While this video focuses on the political motivations of the media, you should understand that the same mechanism works for the financial media and the financial industry.

For Part 5, see here

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