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More Propaganda And Manipulation: Compliments Of Forbes
Thursday, June 18, 2009, by Stathis

I recently ran across this advertisement piece by Forbes disguised as an article and I just had to bring it to your attention so you can see just another way the media works with big industry and Washington to brainwash the unsuspecting masses.

Notice the first thing on their list. "Buy a house." The FACT is that home ownership in MOST cases does not represent an investment, as I clearly demonstrated in America's Financial Apocalypse (2006 extended version).

Forbes is doing its part to help the real estate industry, and in the process providing consumers with bad advice.  Builders can keep building all they want.
That won't change the fact that there's still about 20 million unoccuppied homes (including second or vacation homes) in the US. Of that amount, It's been estimated that about half are second homes and other owner-unoccupied homes not facing default.
So by all means, you had better jump and buy a home now before they run out!          
Can you guess the second item?
What industry is nearly as bad as real estate?  The auto industry (of course).
Sorry Forbes, but my car (even though it's over 10 years old) works just fine. In fact, I'm very attached to it. 
Why would I want to waste money on a plastic car?  So I can triple my auto insurance premiums? 
I think not you clowns. Nice try though. 
Always remember that the best car to own is the one that's PAID OFF!
Okay, so what would you imagine is #3 on their list?  Take a vacation, of course. 
Next to real estate and the auto industries, the travel and airline industries are the worst off, so how about you and I bail them out with our hard-earned money for the sake of the economy?  I think not.
As you continue down the list, you will inevitably notice industries hit hardest by this economic collapse.
Diamonds anyone?  
Perhaps you already realize diamond retailers have been getting killed.
If you weren't aware of that, you should be now after seeing the Forbes' list. 
Once again, it's a psychological tactic that implies there will be a real improvement. It's simply not going to happen.
Who are you going to listen to?  Publications that get paid to advertise goods and services from corporations and who employ journalists, or an investment expert with the best track record in this financial mess who has no agendas. 
You decide. 
Sure, we will see an upswing in the economy, but only due to the massive spending by Washington. 
This is money we don't have and it's going to create bigger more permanent problems down the road.
The reality is that job quality will continue to slide, as will media wages adjusted for inflation, and employee benefits.  
So take my advice...
  • Do NOT buy anything you do NOT need.
  • Keep your car for as long as it runs.
  • Stop being a sucker to consumer electronics companies. You don't need the latest gadget. 
  • Pay off all consumer debt. 
  • Pay off your mortgage as quickly as you can so you can remove your dependence from the crooked banking industry.
Save your money for a rainy day, because for some, a hurricane is on the way. 
For most others, the next several years will be filled with an a very heavy rain storm. 
NOTE: I continue to face widespread censorship for the cold hard truth I speak, as I see it. My intention is to wake the people up so they will realize just how useless and deceitful the mainstream media is.  I ask that you do your part to help with this mission by emailing my articles to your friends and adding the articles to the various online syndication options provided at the top right-hand side of each article. Together, we can make a difference.
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