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"Watch TV, Make Money!" Who's REALLY Making Money? (Part 11)
Saturday, July 4, 2009, by Stathis


The media has a special club, similar to boards of directors who serve on each other’s companies. You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. Oprah had you on her show? Oh well then FOX wants you on and so does ABC, NBC, CNBC and even PBS. And we want to have you on our radio shows too. Forbes says you are an expert so we will call you an expert too.

Of course, many of these so-called “experts” are columnists for Forbes and other mainstream media publications, or hack sites connected to Jim Cramer such as and its affiliate,

Forget that you have been consistently wrong for five years. We are the media establishment and we dictate the reality for those who are stupid enough to believe our bull.

The end result is that people get flooded with the same trash no matter where they turn. And they believe these guys are credible because the entire media industry says so. It’s a validation by consensus irrespective of track records.

Wake up and do your own research on their track records; understand their agendas. Otherwise, you will continue to get taken to the cleaners.


Today, it’s all about drama and rumor. It’s all about political and financial agendas. Anything can get published as long as it creates a stir because the media feels that’s what drives readers.

But the guys in the media club also pay a game; I call it “the pump.” You see, each of the members of the media club – Schiff, Shiller, Roubini, Krugman, Faber, Stein, etc., etc., etc. always refer to other members of the club as a way to increase the strength of the club. That’s why you’ll read or hear guys like Barry Ritholtz keep saying, “my friend Larry Kudlow…,” so as to link themselves with someone who appears on financial networks on a daily basis, and therefore has a large audience (although I cannot imagine how anyone still watches this goof).



You’ll see John Maudlin, another clueless hack do the same thing. They all do it. The list is too long to complete. It’s like social networking. Maudlin has especially become involved in promoting others as much as he promotes himself. Maudlin (who lives in my neighborhood by the way) actually saw a very early draft of America’s Financial Apocalypse in 2006 and dismissed it as rubbish. And now he’s jumped aboard the doom bandwagon? He’s become such a back-and-forth huckster that he’s apparently he’s lost much of his short-term memory to realize the state of his hypocrisy.

Beyond that, Maudlin always waffles around, never coming to any relevant conclusions. He provides no investment or market guidance quite simply because he has no clue. Similar to most of the mainstream media marketing gurus, Maudlin has never worked on Wall Street and he has never managed money professionally, so he has no idea what to do. 


You people need to wake the **** up and start checking AND REMEMBERING track records. And when you read articles, you need to ask yourself if you truly picked up some uniquely valuable insight that will help you become a better investor and do well in the markets. If you're not getting that, reading their articles is a complete waste of time.

Yes, Schiff we know we consume too much and produce too little. Yes, Maudlin, the economic data doesn't look good, but what does that mean for investors?  What should they be doing?  

In the end, if you don't start recognizing the fluff these guys put out, or the extremist views, you have yourself to blame for your losses. In the end, it will be your own irresponsibility that’s to blame for your miserable lives. Don’t forget it. 

Let's not forget. You have entrusted your economic fate and livelihood to these media clowns and look at the results. Your retirement account has been destroyed; perhaps you lost your job, maybe your home. If you have been following these guys, you'll note most of them didn't warn you in advance. Those that did preached extremist views and have been crying wolf for many years, making what they say useless. And if you followed their guidance, you are most likely in worse shape than if you had done nothing at all.

Meanwhile, these guys are making more money than before, compliments of the mainstream media. Where do you think that money is coming from? YOU. Indirectly (and sometimes directly) it’s coming from your stupidity because you watch, you read, you listen to these chumps which increases ad revenues, book sales, investment business, etc. If you don’t understand that, you have 0 hope.

Ask yourself when the last time you made money from these clowns.

For my track record, click here.


The Media Game

It’s a game the media plays. They’re taking you for one big ride, while laughing all the way to the bank, along with their Wall Street friends. You know, guys like Peter Schiff who think there should be no regulation of the economy (including Wall Street). He also preaches hyperinflation and spreads the myth that gold is a great investment during inflation. The other guys in the media club have the same views as well. If you watch, read or listen to these guys, you’re being brainwashed. Meanwhile, they’re making money (from YOU) while your life keeps getting worse.

America’s tightly controlled media industry engages in a very dangerous form of censorship because they only give you what they want you to hear, leaving you with no alternative viewpoints. In the end, you don’t even realize censorship is taking place.

When these tactics are applied by the financial media, it results in stock manipulation because they put out their own slant, whether by interviewing guys they claim are experts or analysts and fund managers. In every case, they have clear agendas; agendas that aren’t in your best interests. At the end of the day, the media makes sure to position their Jewish friends as experts because they know where their loyalty lies.


Media giants control the distribution of information, so they don’t need valuable content. Valuable content rarely gets into the distribution chain. But you won’t realize that because they have monopolized their views throughout the entire media industry. They’re able to do this because of the control of the industry by a few men.

Do yourself a huge favor and look elsewhere for accurate unbiased news and financial commentary. But you’re going to have to search long and hard because America’s mainstream media machine has partnerships scattered all throughout the Internet. The doom and gloom websites are just as bad if not worse.

If you watch TV you will remain a sheep. If you read financial publications, if you frequent many financial websites, you will remain a sheep. And sheep ALWAYS get slaughtered. 


Take it from me…the only real expert with no agendas committed to telling the truth and transforming sheep into sophisticated investors. The more you learn of my track record, the more you will realize I am the one you need to patch into if you intend to position yourself ahead of the curve. I am the only expert out there ready, willing and able to show you how to beat these guys at their own game.



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