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Ron Paul: Wrong On The Economy, Wrong On Healthcare (Part 2)
Wednesday, July 22, 2009, by Stathis

According to Paul, healthcare should be run like mobile phone providers!  Okay let's see. Mobile phone carriers tie you into legally-binding service contracts with extortionist penalties for breaking the contract even when they fail to render services, etc. In fact, America's healthcare is already run like mobile phone providers. That's one reason why healthcare has become such a problem. 

When the interviewer in the above video (Aaron Task) mentions that most consumers are dissatisfied with their phone carriers, Paul counters with his typical generic reply - "there's too many government regulations on [phone] carriers." 
Wrong again Congressman. 
It's been selective government regulations (lobbied for by the big industry leaders) that have created a near-monopoly in the telecommunications industry. 
Paul always has an excuse for the problems. It’s always “too much government regulation.”
Was it too much regulation that caused the financial crisis? Paul seems to think so, but this demonstrates just how far off the mark he remains. Perhaps you should ask Congressman Paul why deregulation of his own state’s electricity industry led to prices twice that as the national average. It’s called industry collusion. 
Whenever you have essential goods and services, without adequate government oversight, private companies will work together to force prices up knowing you have no choice but to pay. We have seen this happen with the energy industry and we have seen it happen with healthcare.
The fact is that America does not suffer from too much regulation. It suffers from too little. Furthermore, this nation suffers from a system of pseudo-regulation paid for by lobbyist dollars. The corrupt political architecture found in America has led to the exploitation of consumers by big business. These policies have been inappropriately labeled as “government regulation” by the spin doctors, industry spokespersons and political hacks. And America’s sheep society willingly swallows this propaganda without bothering to use the mind God gave them.
In the 1920s when food prices skyrocketed, America experienced several problems which worsened through the hand of farmers, because the industry was not regulated. Washington learned its lesson.
Ever since then, the agriculture industry has been largely under government control. This has enabled Americans to enjoy decades of continuous price decreases for food. Imagine how high your water bill would be if private companies ran this service. They would be blaming oil prices and making up other excuses as a way to justify consumer extortion.
The facts are clear for anyone who bothers to examine them. America needs REAL regulation and REAL accountability, with severe penalties for extortion and fraud rather than rewards. And America must eliminate the lobbyist industry completely.
Congressman Paul, while I agree with your views on the Federal Reserve, it would appear that you're clueless with regards to the realities of the mobile phone industry, you're clueless with regards to how to fix the economy, and you're clueless with regards to how to fix healthcare. 
Perhaps you simply don’t want to take on the biggest, most powerful lobbyist group in America. Healthcare lobbyists also use their huge wallets to cater to politicians with gifts that would make drug company perks and cash payouts to physicians look like welfare payments. I’d be interested to see how much money you have accepted from healthcare lobbyists.    
Congressman Paul, it appears to me that the only thing you do consistently is speak loudly. But the stick you carry is the size of a toothpick.
Like so many others who flood the media airwaves, Paul is nothing more than an extremist. This might explain why he teamed up with Alex Jones and other extremists, hoping to garner the support of the growing flock of neo-con radicals who have been fooled into thinking they represent something they don’t. Perhaps that explains why Congressman Paul had no chance to win the presidential election. 
As I have stated previously, extremists are never good for anyone. In fact, they’re often dangerous, whether they’re from the “no government” or “complete government” intervention camp. As with everything, the real answer lies somewhere in between. Moderation is always the best solution. Similar to Peter Schiff, Ron Paul realizes that most people can more easily grasp extreme viewpoints because such arguments are cut and dry, lacking complexity. Unfortunately, they often lack validity.
There’s no easy way. Things are rarely black or white. The truth is that most things have a shade of grey. Those who choose to believe things are black or white are most often those who get things just as wrong as the blind.  
Notice in Paul’s video interview how Task attempts to raise numerous issues about healthcare, but backs down when Paul runs in the opposite direction.
This is precisely the problem with the media.
They select who will speak and they do not provide a platform for unbiased experts to critically challenge viewpoints. This is a form of censorship in addition to irresponsible journalism. And it brainwashes the audience. That is precisely why most Americans have no idea what is going on in their own nation.
You see, the media has nothing to do with delivering the truth. The media is a tool for the elitists to coerce public sentiment and create emotional ties to the agendas supported by the ruling class. 
The overwhelming conclusion is that Paul, the so-called “experts” you see on TV, the irresponsible journalists and most other Americans are all followers; followers in action and followers in thought, lacking the ability or desire to critically analyze things, without bias. The level of mind-controlling propaganda seen in America today rivals if not surpasses that seen in Nazi Germany.

What is the solution to the epidemic of ignorance and deceit in America? You should position yourself with leaders in thought. Leaders in thought are able to recognize strengths in even the biggest blunders. Leaders in thought never issue a blanket endorsement of ideas from anyone or any school of thought. They are all subject to constant scrutiny. In doing so, leaders in thought often create their own school of thought. It’s called unfettered intelligence.
As long as you remain a sheep, you will continue to lose the game Wall Street and the media play. Of more importance, you will continue to see the permanent decline of America.
I do not expect many of you to realize the accuracy of my assessments because it’s a very painful process to endure. As well, it’s extraordinarily difficult to transform sheep into intelligent humans. It takes many years of effort by the sheep to escape the enslavement created by their own minds. 
I do not expect any support for my views because I have placed blame on America’s permanent decline on all of Washington. Therefore, I do not expect to attract any support from democrats or republicans. And of course I’m already expecting hate mail from Paul supporters, showing how unintelligent and brainwashed they remain. You need to realize none of the politicians in office are offering real solutions. Those who have real solutions are not permitted into office because corporate interests would be threatened. 
My purpose is not to gain support. In fact, I could care less about gaining any support. If my intent was to gain support, I would do what everyone else does and ride the coat tails of the financial and political “celebrities” that have brainwashed most Americans.
My only purpose is to do something that apparently no one else is capable of today; speak the truth and provide unbiased real solutions. I put the nation as a whole in front my own interests; something rarely seen today.
It is unfortunate that the vast majority of Americans do not realize this. Instead, they have been brainwashed by the media club of political hacks and snake oil salesmen, failing to realize these clowns are only out for themselves.
The media carefully selects who it will air for a very good reason. As I have said before, you will never find anyone who is in the media club who is also on your side. If you think you have found such a person you’ve been fooled.
Rather than look for fresh perspectives, most people look for the same repetitive trash online as they see on TV. In their minds, this serves to reinforce the credibility of these ideas. You see the same trash posted by followers of the financial media club. Some of them are members of this club while others aspire to be. Either way, they flood their commentaries with generic “follow-the leader” trash. The problem is that there are no real thought leaders in that venue. They are only leaders in sales and marketing, not investment intelligence.
Once a term or phrase gets plastered in the financial media, like stagflation, all of the clowns use it repetitively as if they never knew it existed previously. We see the same thing now with this term “green shoots,” which I must believe came from some clown on CNBC. When you see guys using these terms, you know they are followers. You know they are intellectual midgets who have jumped aboard America’s financial media circus show. It’s truly a joke.
I have no idea what this expression means, and I could care less. Those who use these terms are followers looking to hop aboard the mainstream gravy train. To those of you who have chosen to destroy your credibility by using this and other buzz words, I suggest you try to be more original and independent if you ever want to be taken seriously by real experts.
If you do want a chance to escape from the lies and deception; if you want to learn how to develop your mind to become an independent critical thinker; if you want to learn more about the control of America, media manipulation, the economy, and investments, check my website.
For the others, God help you.
You won’t see or hear my site mentioned by anyone connected with the media (including the Internet) because they aren’t concerned with delivering the truth. They are only interested in taking your money. And they certainly aren’t capable of providing accurate investment analysis and economic forecasts. So they take the easy way out.
Make no mistake. They are sheep just like their followers. They happen to be higher up on the food chain than those they lead into the slaughterhouse. They are all concerned with lining their pockets. And the best way to do that is to stick to the “media club.” As you might imagine, they view me as a threat to spoil their party of deceit and extortion. That is specifically why the entire media industry has black-balled me, despite my leading track record on this economic collapse.
Going forward, it will not be Wall Street, Federal Reserve or Washington crooks that will be responsible for further destruction of America. It will not be Washington that is responsible for continued erosion of your disposable income. It will not be the Federal Reserve that is responsible for the diminishing buying power of your dollars. And Wall Street will not be responsible for the next stock market Ponzi scheme.
It will ultimately be the people of the United States of America who are responsible for these catastrophes, due to their ignorance and lack of backbone. You cannot create a scam without victims. The media has turned most Americans in sheep, ready to be led into the slaughterhouse over and over. It’s time to wake up. 
Please view the video link below. Watch it once per week until you have decided to make a change in your life, for the better.

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