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Death By Media (Part 3)
Thursday, August 13, 2009, by Stathis

As many of you know, the media black-balled me and continues to today for a very good reason. They are protecting the agendas of their financial sponsors – the financial industry and corporate America, despite the fact that there are not even five individuals who collectively can match my track record.

In the future, I will continue to provide examples of just how reckless the media hacks are. It should be a criminal offense for the media to air some of these guys, especially when the media positions them as experts. 

The media wouldn’t want someone like me around…a real expert with a remarkable track record and NO bias or agendas who could actually help investors make money. That simply isn’t the mission of the financial media. 

Their mission lies with serving the interests of the guys who buy commercials and ads – Wall Street. And if you are shown how to navigate this storm, Wall Street won’t make as much money from you.

Even today, the media continues to air what economists say, despite the fact that have no idea what they are talking about (at least the ones they interview).

There are a few credible economists out there, but you aren’t likely to see them in the media; for a very good reason – it wouldn’t bode well for their financial sponsors (Wall Street).

I’ve also been banned from many websites because I speak the truth, which might not bode well for gold bugs. The next time you check a financial website, you need to investigate what the agendas are before you read anything. Ask yourself if you are seeing the same guys over and over again on different sites. 

You need to critically analyze the source before you waste your time reading the bias.  It's skill you need to develop.  Critical analysis is also a skill that is very useful for the investment process, so I suggest you start training your mind to think more critically, instead of accepting all the trash you read and hear. 

It doesn’t pay to tell the truth. You see, the financial media, whether it’s print, broadcast or Internet, wants extremes. You are either bullish on gold or you are not; you are either bullish on the stock market or you are not.

Meanwhile, the reality is that extremes are often dangerous. This mentality of extremes sought by the media serves to position Main Street as investment losers. Meanwhile, Wall Street always wins, as does the media. 

For instance, while I feel gold is headed higher, I also discussed that it is not a hedge against inflation, which upsets the gold bugs.

Furthermore, I emphasize that you need to trade gold’s tremendous volatility in order to reduce risk, only buy it after big sell-offs and sell it after large rallies – again, this upsets the gold bugs who have convinced the investment public to buy-and-hold it with no exit strategy.

Actively managing gold certainly does not bode well for those who sell physical gold. You see, by me recommending gold ETFs to actively manage, the gold bugs don’t benefit financially because they can’t make money selling you physical gold.

This is why guys like Peter Schiff push physical gold. He has an exclusive agreement with the Perth Mint in Australia. But he won’t tell you that you can go through them direct without paying the fees he charges. 

Most of the gold bugs have no idea what they are talking about. But a few of them know the realities of gold. But they won't tell you because they have a financial stake in pitching gold propaganda.  If you haven't already read my piece on gold, I highly recommend it; that is, unless you want to get taken.

See here.

Let me be perfectly clear about this.  99.99999% of the "experts," and the guys who write investment articles online are absolutely clueless.  They are followers.  That is why they all jump on the bandwagon, using the latest buzz words, like "green shoots" that come from CNBC and other hack venues catering to the sheep.  When you see guys piggy-back onto these buzz words, you know they are followers.

I have no idea what "green shoots" means because I don't pay attention to the mainstream media.  And I pave my own path rather than follow that paved by others. 

Members of the media club only care about making money from you. The easiest way to do that is by gaining media exposure. And in order to get such exposure, they will obey the rules of the media, which relate to the financial and political agendas of the media's financial sponsors.

But they also pat each other on the back so as to reinforce their perception of credibility and media clout. 

Make no mistake about it. While Peter Schiff has very little credibility in my book, he has much more credibility than most of the media hacks. But still, if you miss the bull’s eye, you lose. It doesn't matter how close you were. It's the fine details that matter when it comes to making money with investments. 

Why do I state the truth about gold and everything else? I have no agendas attached to my insights. 

All I care about is being right. That's how I get paid.

It is rare that you will find anyone with such a business model because it's extremely difficult to be right with consistency.

Most take the easy road, becoming marketers, while disguising themselves as experts.  This is where the media comes in, because the media positions them as experts. 

The guys in the media club get paid to convince you they are right. They are paid by the sheep who send them money to invest or buy their books which offer nothing other than fluff and hindsight analysis.

At the end of the day, after you have invested with them and lost money, they make money regardless. The media makes money too, regardless how low the stock market goes because you watch, you read, you listen. And that translates into higher prices charged for commercials and advertisements.

I have a mission that, in my opinion is much higher and more rewarding than money. I want to end the exploitation of Main Street by the financial industry.

I developed this passion after seeing how millions of investors were ripped off during the dotcom charade.

What did I do? I left Wall Street in disgust. You aren’t going to find many people who leave the big payouts of Wall Street due to ethics.

That isn't something I am proud of. It's something I had to do. I had no choice.

A couple of years later when I saw the same dangers lurking again, I took two years out of my life (at a huge financial loss) to write America’s Financial Apocalypse as a way to help investors avoid an even bigger catastrophe. 

Did I use the book as a marketing tool to launch my website and newsletter service? No. My website and newsletter only began some three years later (April 2009) after receiving hundreds of email requests and due to the fact that I was being censored from websites. 

Did I use my book to try to get you to buy gold from me? No. Everyone else who wrote books prior to this collapse used them purely as marketing tools. If you read them you know that. Yet, more important, these books offered nothing more than generic useless trash.

Today, many Americans have lost much of what they had, whether it’s their job, home or retirement savings. It is only after your losses does the financial media step in and change from the denial phase to the doomsday mentality.

They do this because Wall Street wants investors to throw in the towel and sell everything so they can buy it on the cheap. You might recall the dotcom charade played out in the same manner.

Sadly, most investors have forgotten.  Most people have short memories. And they are too lazy to research the track records of the "experts" they go to for guidance. 

In the end, it is the laziness of most that is responsible for their misery. Others are simply naive.  If they learn the truth about how things work, they will act on their own behalf. 

Only after you have seen your investments get cut in half will the financial media air views contrary to the bubble mentality. They interview perpetual doomers and others who lack credibility because they’re in the “media club.”

The members of this “media club” stay within the boundaries laid out by the media so that their financial and political agendas are held intact. This is the way it works I can assure you.

You see, America’s entire media industry is controlled by only a few men, so they not only have financial agendas (their revenues come from corporate America and Wall Street), but they also have political agendas.

Accordingly, my clear identification of the problems and solutions to this depression, as well as exposing the massive fraud that occurs on Wall Street and corporate America on a daily basis (unaddressed by Washington and the SEC) would upset the media’s financial and political agendas.

Don’t you think it’s time for you to start asking the reporters from print media such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Financial Times, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, Time Magazine, Reuters, Associated Press, USA Today…and producers and hosts on ABC, CBS, FOX, FBN, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNN, PBS, all of the syndicated radio shows… Why they’ve kept me from warning you?

They continue to interview hacks and clowns who have been wrong over and over. Check their track records and see for yourself.

The media also uses these guys because they know they’ll stay within the political boundaries set forth by media executives, who are aligned with Washington. That is why they won’t tell you the truth – Washington is a mafia with only one political party. That is why they refuse to insist that the Wall Street and banking executives be indicted for securities fraud.

If you don’t take action and demand answers from these hacks, they will continue this game over and over. And you will get SCREWED over and over. 

Do you ever plan to retire? Good luck, because chances are you never will retire if you allow the financial media to continue this circus show. They will partner with Wall Street to screw you in many more charades in the future. I’ll guarantee it.

Isn't it about time you made the effort to check track records, instead of blindly accepting the claims made by the media when they announce another “expert?”

After sacrificing so much financially, I am not in a position to spend the funds required to market myself because marketing is directed towards product/services sales. I don’t sell securities or gold. I deliver the truth, along with my best insights. 

So I’m asking everyone out there who would like to see less trash, fewer hacks, and more of the truth to help me in my mission to protect and empower Main Street against the Wall Street vultures.

I hope each of you will help me in these efforts to encourage the financial media to answer to me. The ONLY way they will let me speak to millions is if you all demand it from them. That is the ONLY way.

You see, the media only cares about money so the more people that insist I be heard, the more viewers and readers they will have which translates into higher ad revenues.

Imagine seeing me on TV expose the fundamental weaknesses of mutual funds on TV. What will the hacks say? How will they respond? They won’t be able to because they will be outmatched by the truth.

Imagine me expose how the media uses Warren Buffet, and in the process causes investors to make poor investment decisions, thinking they can do well by following what Buffett does.

Would you like to see me go head to head with the guys in the media club? Cramer? Schiff?  Etc. etc. You name it. I’ll expose them for who they are.  

Imagine me exposing the excessive fees charged by Bill Gross’s $80 trillion bond fund in front on millions of viewers.

Imagine me calling for criminal indictments for the perpetrators of the multi-trillion real estate-banking Ponzi scheme. How with the hacks on TV respond?

Imagine me calling out the SEC for continuing to protect the big Wall Street criminals. 

Imagine me exposing the real WaMu fraud and insider trading that was unaddressed by the SEC.

Imagine this and much more. If you want to get an idea what I will expose to Main Street, read my archives.

If you want to help me rain on the parade of fraud and extortion by Wall Street, doomers, liars, crooks and idiots, send me an email and I will provide you with an attachment of my track record and email addresses to various media professionals. 

How can they not want to hear from the ONLY person in the world who wrote in a book that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac would collapse and have to be bailed out by the taxpayers – 1.5 years before actually happened! 

Here is just a brief review of my track record.

This isn’t about me. I only list my track record as a way to inform those who have been fooled by the media hacks so you will know the media is hiding valuable, unbiased insights from you.

Already, I know of a few who have helped spread the word about me. These are self-less individuals who care for humanity as much as they care for themselves. I know who some of you are and I appreciate your efforts.

The world needs more people who think of others without focusing on themselves. Today, so many are always focused on “how can it help me” instead of “how can it help everyone.” That mentality is precisely why the masses have been and continue to be exploited. There is no unification, and thus no power by numbers. 

If you choose not to help out, it won’t affect me. I’ll continue to win either way because I know how the media-Wall Street game is played. And I won’t feel bad the next time Main Street gets taken because I’ll know I did what I could. And I can assure you the “next time” isn’t far off. 

If you choose not to help, you are likely to experience Death by Media, because Wall Street and the media will play the same game over and over. And I’ll guarantee you won’t see it coming.


It's time to wake up. Your livelihood depends on it.


Quite simply, the education we provide is priceless. Those who do not receive it are certain to lose a good part if not all of their life savings by falling for the countless con men that seek to win your trust and make up stories. The current gold/doomsday scam is just one example of this. You can be sure that there will be many more scams to come.


So you had better ask yourself the following question…are you able to spot scam artists?


How often do you hear someone spend so much time at work fighting to get the truth out when they should be focusing on sales?

With the exception of Mike’s efforts, it NEVER happens.


Many have been fooled by snake oil salesmen to think they are on your side, when they are really looking to hook you into their sales pitch.


Mike could focus on producing videos that always highlight his amazing track record in order to generate sales, but he doesn’t.

Instead, he spends a great deal of time exposing the liars and con men out there who are duping millions of people with their gold-pumping, doomsday delusions, even though these efforts are costing Mike a great deal of lost sales.




Just remember this down the road once you look back at this period as a huge fraud perpetrated not only by Wall Street, but also by thousands of doomsday, gold-pumping charlatans. If you do not already realize they are scam artists, you will eventually if you take their advice. That is a guarantee.



Mike Stathis remains the lone voice of reason and wisdom for Main Street.







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