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Americans Get Screwed Again By Bought-Off Washington Officials
Wednesday, September 16, 2009, by Stathis

After meeting yesterday to wrap up the final touches on the Senate Finance committee's healthcare reform bill, Committee Chairman, Senator Max Baucus - a very good friend of the healthcare industry, has announced the bill is ready for a vote as early as next week. 

It is thought that the final bill making its way through the Finance Committee has the best chance of passing. 
Why, you ask?  
Quite simply because Senator Baucus is essentially working for the healthcare industry. Therefore, his bill is likely to be that most favored by republicans.
Baucus has been so loyal to industry lobbyists that they were the first to see the early version of the bill a couple of weeks ago, according to an admission by a White House spokesperson.
That's right. Baucus didn't send the bill to the president, his Chief Strategist David Axelrod, or other members of Congress. 
He sent it to healthcare lobbyists so they could advise him of changes favorable to their industry. 
Perhaps that is why the bill does not include a government insurance option to compete with the healthcare mafia, as originally promised by President Obama. 
In fact, even Obama’s most ambitious plans for healthcare reform fall way short of what is needed because he does nothing to address the biggest problem – unhindered price hikes by the industry.
Thus, his solution of providing subsidized healthcare insurance to qualified Americans while requiring all others to have it merely creates a bigger gravy train for the HMOs. 
Thus, Obama’s healthcare reform may turn out to be the insurance industry's counterpart to the Bush’s Medicare Part D (taxpayer-funded) gravy train for the drug industry.
Whether a government insurance option is provided or not, healthcare is likely to be made worse because you will be required to buy private market insurance or face a penalty.  This mandate is likely to boost total revenues to insurers, most likely with no pressures to compete for price.  We are likely to see more industry collusion. 
Thus, the plan only ensures higher profits for the health insurance industry, compliments largely of taxpayers.
As you can imagine, healthcare reform is going to be a big winner for HMOs.  Investors should take note.
It just might turn out to favor illegal aliens since they won't be covered under the plan and thus won't be fined for not having health insurance issued by this syndicate.  Thus, they will escape the vicious claws of America’s healthcare mafia.
Baucus might feel he owes the industry some favors since he has received more than $5,000,000 from healthcare lobbyists since 2008. Clearly, Baucus has been bought off, similar to most others in Congress. Baucus just happened to get the biggest payout.
Let's have a look.
To confirm his loyalty to the industry, he has even hired former lobbyists to serve on his panel for healthcare reform.
This is a disgrace.  How can the American people allow this dog-and-pony show to continue?  
"This is a good bill. This is a balanced bill," Baucus told reporters. 
A balanced bill is not something acceptable. "Balanced" means a bill balanced with the same illegal, extortionist policies that have created the world's most costly, least efficient healthcare system. 
This is no time for balance. You do not negotiate with terrorists.  You shut them out and send them to jail. 
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Democrat, said, "Everyone should understand it's just the beginning, but it's a good beginning."
Well of course it is Senator Reid, but only because you say so.
As you might imagine, Reid is also in bed with the healthcare industry, as is virtually every other member of Congress. Let’s take a look at the findings from the Campaign Action Fund.   

Members of five committees working on healthcare reform legislation received $187.1 million in campaign contributions

Elected officials who voted against health reform legislation received 65% more in contributions from health and insurance interests than officials who voted for reform

Health reform legislation is bottled up in two committees whose members have received nearly $100 million

Healthcare Lobbyist Contributions to Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee
Healthcare Lobbyist Contributions to Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee
These guys make me sick to my stomach. 
I have said it many times before and I will say it again and again until the American people wake up and demand an end to crony capitalism. 
The single-most critical thing that can be done to reclaim America is to ban all lobbyist activities and donations. 
Until Americans demand this, they will continue to get screwed. 
One additional note to add.  Last week, I sent a late draft of my book America's Healthcare Solution to Baucus and Obama's chief Strategist David Axlerod. 
As you might imagine, I have heard nothing. 
Sure, I know these guys could care less about a real solution to the healthcare crisis. 
All they care about is passing something to pacify the American public, while leaving the power in the hands of HMOs and drug makers.  But I wanted to go on record as having sent them the book so I know for a fact they are full of ####.  
They really are no different than corporate executives. That explains why the revolving door remains wide open between political office and corporate America.
I urge you all to call the White House and insist Senator Baucus be removed from the Senate Finance Committee and his healthcare lobbyist bill be tossed in the trash. 
Tell Obama you are sick of this all-bark, no-bite speeches, and empty bag promises. 
Tell him it's time to step up to the plate.
Comments to the President 202-456-1111
Senate Finance Committee (202) 224-4515
If you care about America, please email this article to everyone you know. 
If you want to understand the full spectrum of problems plaguing the healthcare system, along with the most viable solution, reserve your copy of America's Healthcare Solution today. 
I have been working on this book for some three years and it is in the final editing stage.  The page count is around 444, with about 120 figures, tables and charts, and over 700 references. 
It is nearly the same length in terms of the number of words (140,000 words) as the extended version of America's Financial Apocalypse (165,000 words).
The price could go up as it has not yet been finalized. Currently it has been set at $34.95 (as a recession-adjusted price). However, due to the high level of research, massive use of data and number of references, the market price for the book is $49.95.   I do not know what the final price will be.

Everyone who makes payment over the next month will receive a signed copy sent with free shipping (only US residents in the contiguous 48 states qualify for the shipping and book signing offer) at the current price of $34.95, regardless even if the price goes up. 

Those interested can email me at  for payment details.



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