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Barrack Obama: Puppet Of Zionist Elitists And Homosexual Crackhead?
Tuesday, November 10, 2009, by Stathis

Hopefully by now you realize that Obama is nothing more than a puppet for Zionists who really run America. Most of these Zionists are Jewish.


By now, it should be apparent that Obama is merely the face of America's leadership. The real decisions are being made by others who remain off to the sidelines. 


Who might they be?  Larry Summers, who himself is a Zionist Jew. 


But Summers gets his orders in part from George Soros, another Zionist.


Of course, the list of Zionists who have infiltrated Washington is in the hundreds, from some 50 congressman, to the heads of dozens of government agencies. Do the research for yourself and you will be shocked.
Here are just a few of the other prominent Zionists in Washington: Rahm Emanuel (his father was a terrorist for Irgun) Geithner, Axelrod, Bernanke, (also you should examine the board of governors of the Federal Reserve) Sebelius, Shelia Bair (the FDIC is NOT an independent entity; it is really run by the U.S. Treasury). There are many, many more.
But the Zionist control over America is not part of the change brought in by Obama. Zionist control over America has existed for decades. Today, that control is the strongest ever, from domination of the media (to brainwash Americans), the financial industry (to steal their money) and Washington (to control them).


But there are many others, some who are not Zionists.  But you can bet they are close friends with Zionists.


Now, before I continue, I want you to realize that all Jewish people are not Zionists.  In fact, the traditional Jewish people condemn Zionism and the Zionist state of Israel. Unfortunately, the traditional Jewish population has been overpowered by the spread of Zionism within the Jewish community. As a result, many Zionist Jews are not aware they are Zionists.


As well, not all Zionists are Jewish. Pat Robertson is a Zionist. Even Vice President Biden admits he is a Zionist. In fact, almost every single politician in Congress is a Zionist. You see, due to the power of AIPAC, if you are not a Zionist, you won't win an election. That accounts for America's relentless and unconditional support for Israel. If you are not up to speed on this, I highly recommend you do so research.


Here is a video showing you the difference between Zionists and Jews.








You can start by reading through a few websites run by Jewish rabbis against Zionism:



You need to make sure you learn all of the facts when mention of Zionist Jews because they will ALWAYS call you an anti-semite as a way to silence you. 





Moving on...
We all know about the controversy surrounding Obama’s citizenship. 
And you have probably heard the recent comments from the White House’s plans to end the don’t ask, don’t tell policy in the military.
Perhaps the only decisions being made by Obama are those involving Gay and Lesbian Rights, such as his promise to repeal the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, as well as H.R. 2517, Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act of 2009 sponsored by Tammy Baldwin (Rep. D WI) along with 125 Congressmen as well as an initial co-sponsorship by Rahm Emmanuel.  
This unprecedented support by a president for Gay and Lesbian Rights should come as no surprise to those familiar with allegations that Obama has had numerous homosexual encounters and at least one gay lover. 
That’s right. While this is by no means breaking news as far as reporting is concerned, it might be news to those who don’t know this very interesting story; a story that has been banned by the mainstream media.
Let’s have a look at the account of Larry Sinclair regarding Obama’s homosexual activity and drug use.
“On November 6, 1999, I was introduced to Senator Obama by my limo driver at a bar in Chicago called the Alibris. Senator Obama and I then departed the bar in my limousine and proceeded to an unknown location where I performed fellatio on Senator Obama in the limousine during the time Senator Obama was smoking crack cocaine.
The following day, Senator Obama appeared at my hotel room where we again ingested cocaine and I again performed fellatio on Senator Obama. Significantly, both the driver’s telephone call to Senator Obama and his call to the drug dealer should appear on the driver’s and Senator Obama’s cellphone billing statements.”
Moreover, Sinclair states that Obama was involved with Donald Young, a 47-year old African American elementary school teacher, choir director and deacon at Trinity United Church of Christ from Chicago who was suddenly murdered in his apartment on December 2007, just a few months after Obama announced his candidacy for president.
Sinclair alleges that Donald Young contacted him a few days before he was murdered. 
Could it be that Young had engaged in such a close homosexual relationship with Obama that he could have easily proved this?
Perhaps he threatened to go public? 
Sinclair provided the Chicago Police with phone numbers he allegedly was given by Young, shortly before his death. The following excerpt is from Sinclair’s blog:
“In my cooperation with the Chicago Police Department, I provided them with all the phone numbers I had provided the Obama Campaign as requested.  I was told by the CPD that once they had received the numbers from me, then the CPD would obtain a Grand Jury Subpoena to obtain the phone records directly from the cell Phone company.
Now that leads me to the question: Will the Chicago Police Department subpoena the records of Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright in the investigation of the murder of Donald Young?”
Despite the mysterious circumstances surrounding Johnson’s death as well as Sinclair’s report to the Chicago Police Department linking Obama to his death, Obama was not investigated. 
Now have a look at the account of an individual who has further investigated things.
“Early in January of 2008, there were two things that I consistently stated to my friends.
1. I intended to be more involved in this presidential election.
2. I knew little about Barack Obama, a candidate who was increasingly gaining support. 
Shortly after stating this, I ran across a link on the internet to someone who purported to have engaged in sex and drug use with Obama in 1999. The allegation appeared to be nonsense, but I wanted to know more about this mysterious candidate, so I followed up on the story. I listened to Larry Sinclair’s Youtube video and was curious. There was something about Sinclair that appeared sincere. I had to know more.
I next found interviews of Obama by Tim Russert, the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. There was a pattern in all of the interviews. Obama was asked about his records during his tenure in the IL Senate. In all of the interviews Obama gave evasive answers and refused to provide records. Hillary Clinton late in 2007 asked Obama about his senate records. A pattern was emerging.
I then went to the official IL Senate records for November 4-8 and what I saw next caused my jaw to drop. Obama was not present for the opening fall session of the IL Senate on November 4, 1999. I later found out that Obama was present for a speaking engagement on November 8, 1999, the day after Larry Sinclair alleged that they had their last encounter. The IL Senate is located in Springfield, IL, the capital, several hours south of Chicago.
I then knew that something was wrong with Obama and that Larry Sinclair may be telling the truth.
I have looked through the book. As many of you know, I had already read most of the chapters and covered the Larry Sinclair story more than any other source. The book is true to everything that I know and everything that Sinclair has consistently told me. It is extremely important that as many people as possible read the book and tell as many people as possible. Larry Sinclair has fought against insurmountable forces to get this book written and published. The really big part of his story is the great lengths the Obama camp has gone to silence him. We must not let that happen.”
Was Sinclair’s story merely a ploy to get attention?
Perhaps a ploy to launch a book? 
I think not. No publisher would touch it. He had to self-published it.
And I can tell you from experience that you won’t make any money from a book if a major publisher isn’t behind it.
Recall, that the same elitists who own the media also own the publishing industry; Zionist Jews. And of course, these are the same people who run the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, the rest of the banking industry and Washington.
To provide balance to the story, I’ve also included this slant.
You decide. Do the research for yourself. 
Obama’s homosexuality and crack use aside, the verdict is in. The United States of America has become a modern day banana republic bolstered by crony capitalism and a fascist dictatorship. 
It’s really no different than the most extreme forms of totalitarianism except that it has a few spins you might expect from a superpower.
But please do not get partisan here. It matters not what party is in the White House or Congress. You get the same result either way.
In fact, that is precisely the reason why none of the mainstream media “Obama bashers” have addressed the allegations made by Sinclair.
Think about it. Wouldn’t you imagine that a brainless Sean Hannity or the whining annoying idiot Mark “Zionist Jew” Levine or maybe even Mike “Zionist Jew” Savage would be all over this story? 
The reason why they do not even entertain the possibility of Obama’s homosexual drug escapades is because, despite all of the Obama bashing they do, the fact is that it’s all done within the confines of the so-called bipartisan war. 
In other words, all is fair in Love and War, just so long as you do not threaten to destroy either side because such actions would threaten to destroy the myth that America has a two-party political system.
It’s all a game of deceit and you’ve been fooled into thinking there are two parties.
Sorry, but there is but one party in America and they answer to the Federal Reserve and corporate America.
Sure, the talking heads are fighting for the neo-cons, but only for bragging rights. Either way, whether the right or the left is in control, you will always get the same result.
If you do not realize that you have been had; just the way they intended. 
Just as I was putting this piece together (through several days of research), I did a search looking for a cartoon of Obama as a homosexual to post in this article. I was surprised to find mention of Obama and a possible homosexual embrace in the Huffington Post. 
While the article didn’t mention Sinclair’s allegations, you can bet it was referring to them.
Now I don’t want you to come to the wrong conclusion about the Huffington Post. They are mainstream media. Don’t think for one second they are any different than the rest of the trash out there.
You see, Huffington used one of the many bag of tricks by the media to fool those who are aware of Sinclair’s allegations, by raising the possibility of his homosexuality, without making mention of the Sinclair story. 
Those aware of Sinclair’s story are likely to form the conclusion that Huffington is brave enough to address the homosexual allegations.
But ask yourself why the Huffington did not make mention of Sinclair’s allegations. I hope you understand the psychology behind this tactic. 

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