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ObamaCare: Soon To Be The Worst Bill Passed In U.S. History (Part 2)
Tuesday, March 23, 2010, by Stathis

Continuing from Part 1...


Back in the 1990s, when President Clinton proposed price caps for health insurers, the industry engineered a massive smear campaign, defusing the plan before it even got off the ground.

When you see railroading like that, you know the proposal is favorable to consumers.

In contrast, as Obama began his campaign for healthcare reform (as a way to dodge financial reform), the industry didn’t seem to be too worried.

That should tell you what’s really going on. The entire industry was cutting deals behind closed doors well over a year ago to ensure the ball stayed in their court.

Medicare and Medicaid were championed to help provide healthcare access to elderly, (some) disabled and (some) impoverished Americans. Similar to the recent theatrics, when public healthcare was being debated in the 1960s, the industry put on a good show to convince voters they were against it.

But they didn't kill the bill, unlike in the case with Clinton's healthcare plan.

This is part of the game. When Washington comes up with a reform that is supposed to help consumers, the industry plays its part to pretend it’s against the reform. As a result, consumers wrongly rationalize that what’s no good for the industry must be good for them.

In reality, the industry knew public healthcare would represent a huge payday. Ever since public healthcare was created, the private system has dipped its hands into the taxpayer pot.

In 2003, the Bush administration positioned Medicare Part D as its solution to rising drug prices for seniors. Notice the timing of this bill; just before his second term election. With around 35 million seniors and 80 million baby boomers, this assured Bush’s second term, as long as he didn’t reduce the industry’s profitability. 

Of course seniors didn’t realize they would face the doughnut hole until after the election because Part D did not go into effect until 2006.

As we now know, Part D has been a gravy train for drug makers.

Not only did the doughnut hole create significant gaps for seniors, but Washington made certain that Medicare was prohibited from doing something that every other nation in the world does; negotiate drug prices.

Thus, Medicare Part D represented a massive taxpayer subsidy to the drug industry. It also provided HMOs with huge subsidies. Since that time, drug prices and health insurance premiums have skyrocketed despite these subsidies.

The lesson should be crystal clear. The healthcare industry will extort as much money as it can in the name of America’s free-for-all economy. And industry spokespersons, lobbyists and hacks will use scare tactics as a way to justify exorbitant costs, such as the high costs required for R&D; highs costs required to ensure the delivery of the world’s best healthcare; high costs due to malpractice lawsuits and so on. But these scapegoats do not account for annual healthcare inflation that averages three times the annual inflation rate.

In 2009, as Washington reported inflation of -0.4%, health insurance premiums rose by an estimated 8%. This represented a 20-fold or 2000% increase in health insurance premiums relative to the inflation rate.

Do you still think you aren’t getting screwed by the industry?

With around 2100 healthcare lobbyists in Washington and more than 15 million Americans employed in healthcare, the industry promises to remain as powerful as it is lucrative, while millions of medical errors and medical bankruptcies continue.

When the final “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed, the full thrust of Obama’s healthcare reform isn’t likely to kick in until AFTER the second term election.

Until then, Obama will keep telling voters how great the plan is. He will tell them to be patient all the way through the next presidential election. 

Much of the American public won’t really find out what a disaster it is until he’s long gone.

By the time most Americans realize just how bad his reform is, Obama is likely to be globetrotting, collecting millions of dollars in speaking fees, or partnering alongside Al Gore’s global warming business ventures.

The current healthcare system places both supply and demand for medical services in the hands of providers and caregivers. That does not represent free market healthcare, regardless what the hacks keep telling you.

In order to have real free market healthcare, consumers must determine demand for medical services.

Without real free market healthcare or a real universal care system, consumers will continue to suffer from the world’s most costly, least efficient healthcare system.

But even with free market healthcare, there must be some level of price controls because as we have seen from the past, Washington is incapable of and unwilling to structure commerce so that real free market dynamics are in place.

When Obama gave his healthcare reform speech in the summer of 2009, I knew there would be no change because he made the ridiculous statement that the current system is working well, so only minor changes would be needed.

Of course, like many things, Obama was told to say this by his puppet masters, many who have already mapped out their next career move as healthcare lobbyists.   

The facts are clear to anyone who has researched the healthcare system diligently. The current system is not working.  It needs radical reform.   

When you have a healthcare system that sends one million Americans into bankruptcy every year, you know there are some big problems. And when most of these people actually had full health insurance, it really highlights the exploitation by health insurers.

When your healthcare system leads the world in cost and medical errors, while falling at the low end of life expectancies, you know you have a healthcare system in crisis. And I haven’t even gotten to the crisis in chronic disease or the healthcare bubble (to be discussed in the future).

Obama has a very limited understanding of the problems in healthcare, much like the financial crisis. Perhaps the only thing Obama really understands is his place in the White House, as a puppet.

After being schooled by the top brass of his real role as the face guy for America’s sheeple, Obama has been very compliant, allowing his “trusted” advisers (who were selected for him) to make decisions most critical to Americans.

The only problem is that many of these advisers are far from trustworthy.

Some are suspected to be serving as spies for Israel.

Others are tax cheats.

Still, others were partly responsible for the financial crisis. The list goes on and on.

These days, America has become the laughing stock of the world by those who see exactly what is going on.  

Ever since the presidential campaign, President Obama has stated many times that he would open the “ears of the White House” to the “voice of Americans.”

In order to deliver on this promise, several websites were launched allowing the public to send emails that (supposedly) reach the President. There is even a call center staffed with hundreds of operators who take messages (none of which ever make it to Obama).

However, his junior staffers select letters and emails with which to respond for PR purposes. It’s always some little old lady or kid he talks about during one of his teleprompter speeches; basically any story his PR staff can spin to hit your emotions in a style that even Hollywood would envy.

But when it comes to connecting with real experts who have no agendas or bias, Obama is nowhere to be found.

Obama talks the talk as long as he has his teleprompter. But when it comes to action, he bends like Gumby to the interests of corporate America, Wall Street and Israel.

It is time for the American people to wake up and realize that their vote no longer counts. And it will never count until all lobbyist activities (and electronic balloting) have been banned.

The real solution to America’s broken healthcare system will only come from a radical restructuring of the system based on technology and reforms to healthcare policy.

In my new book, America’s Healthcare Solution, I have chosen to focus on a solution that creates real free market healthcare. However, my solution will also work with universal care because the emphasis must be on making healthcare more efficient. Both caregivers and consumers must be held accountable. That can only be achieved through implementation of modern technologies and consumer-centric healthcare policy.

Either way, with Obama’s reform or without it, consumers lose and the industry wins. Of more detriment, this will have a devastating and lasting effect on the economy. 

Similar to health insurers, politicians don’t care about the future. They only care about today. This mentality has destroyed the healthcare industry as much as it has America.

If America’s healthcare system is not restructured in the right manner before the window of opportunity slams shut, I guarantee you America will never fully recover from the current economic depression; a depression which continues to be denied by Washington and Wall Street hacks whose propaganda floods the media.





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