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Obama Seizes Another Opportunity To Distract From The Most Important Issues
Friday, June 4, 2010, by Stathis

Hopefully by now you are familiar with all of the campaign promises Obama made prior to winning the 2008 presidential election.

Unfortunately, he has broken virtually every single one of his promises. 

After only a few months in office, it was clear to me that Obama had surpassed Bush's disastrous performance which took him 8 years to establish. This is something I thought would be impossible to achieve over my life time.

Here are just a few of Obama's broken promises:

(1) Immediate removal of troops from Iraq

(2) Restructure free trade policy

(3) Provide universal healthcare (this was a lie from the beginning since his plan never included universal healthcare)

(4) Those responsible for the financial crisis would be held accountable

(5) No signing statements

(6) Wall Street reform

The list goes on. 

Not only did Obama not withdrawal troops immediately, or even months later, he sent more. As part of the plan to fool the American sheeple, the global elites awarded Obama with a Nobel Peace Prize shortly after he gave the order to bomb a civilian region, killing hundreds. This is beyond a disgrace.

We have a fascist government in America, worse than Nazi Germany. And the clueless masses in America continue to be brainwashed by the media.  STOP WATCHING, LISTENING, and READING anything the media monopoly puts out. They are lying like Hell. They are controlling your minds.

Obama has been instructed by his puppet masters to not even touch free trade, as it continues to enslave workers in America and foreign nations with low wages, little or no benefits, all in order to boost corporate profits. The latest reports of suicides in electronics plants in China provides a glimpse of the inhumane working conditions facilitated by free trade.

All throughout the collapse of the world economy, Obama has refused to go after the perpetrators of the biggest fraud in world history. As a way to buy time so that financial bigwigs can come up with a bogus plan for Wall Street reform, Obama directed his attention to healthcare, as ordered by his puppet masters.

Obama turned healthcare reform into health insurance reform without scrutiny from America's dumbed down population. Even more shocking, he completely failed to even reform the health insurance industry by agreeing to pull out of plans to provide a government option, so as to enable the health insurance mafia to continue to screw Americans.

Of course, Obama was not even involved in the healthcare bill. He let his "trusted" advisers/puppet masters negotiate closed-door scams with big payouts. 

Today, America is set to have a worse healthcare system than before. America's healthcare system is a complete embarrassment on many fronts. Yet, the media monopoly continues (along with most in Washington) to insist that America has the best healthcare system in the world. If you believe that, you are naive.

Why in the Hell would you ever believe anything claimed by a mafia? They are here to screw you, and they're doing a damn good job of it, but only because the American sheeple allow it. This demonstrates the power of the media to control people's mind. It's sickening to me.

You should find it very odd that there has been no discussion of the healthcare reform act since its passage, despite the fact that it represents one of the largest and most influential laws passed in decades.

After buying time, much like the situation with healthcare reform, Obama has sat on the sidelines with Wall Street reform, opting to let the bought off Washington criminals and financial lobbyists negotiate what will ultimately do nothing to reform Wall Street and prevent another series of fraud.

Rather than limit or even remove the powers of the criminal Federal Reserve System, Washington has convinced America's sheeple that the Federal Reserve needs more power to regulate not only the U.S. financial system, but the global financial system. Other than a few Congressmen, no one in Washington has acknowledged that the Federal Reserve was the single most responsible for the global collapse.

I cannot believe what I am seeing. How can people be so gullible and spineless?

America would do well to have Europeans show them how to go about protesting.

Recently, Obama was directed by his puppet masters to send orders to the SEC to investigate Goldman Sachs. This has led to a $1 billion lawsuit.  The Department of Justice has threatened to open a criminal investigation merely as a way to get Goldman to settle.

And the American sheeple have been fooled by this political tactic. You see, if Washington conducted a full investigation of Goldman Sachs and other major banks, I can guarantee you that the fines would be in the hundreds of billions, with thousands of criminal indictments. So for Goldman, a $1 billion fine is nothing.

Don't be fooled by Blankfein's reaction. This is all theatrics. Of course he does not want to concede $1 billion. Like the other Wall Street criminals, he wants to hold onto every penny he has stolen from people.  But in the end, Blankfein realizes $1 billion is a very small price to pay for committing such a huge level of fraud that it caused the world economy to collapse, while profiting from thousands of illegal and well-hidden criminal activities.

The investigation against Goldman has been designed by Obama's puppet masters as a manner by which to help restore his approval rating. Most Americans are so naive that they are fooled by these tactics.

Today, Obama has continued to muster political points by distracting once again from his failures. He is actually criticizing British Petroleum's common stock dividend. And reports from the White House have called for the dividend to be cut or eliminated.

Can you believe this?  

Furthermore, the Department of Justice is investigating BP for criminal activities that may have led to the oil spill.

Are you kidding me?

Moreover, Washington is now criticizing money used by BP for a PR campaign designed to respond to the oil spill.

Is that such a bad thing? 

After all, given how much the media has hammered BP over the past month using spin and deceit, what is wrong with BP taking more control of their PR by producing commercials to explain their commitment and understanding of the urgency of the spill?

Certainly, Hayward's public comments were stunning and upsetting. It's shocking to see how a CEO of such a large corporation could be so unprepared and insensitive in his statements.

In my opinion, Hayward should be forced to resign. But right now, BP should be able to focus on doing all it can to stop the leak and clean up the water and beaches. Hayward's judgment day should come later.

Did Washington criticize Citigroup or AIG and other financial institutions when they spent taxpayer funds to fuel a PR campaign?

Of course not.

Do you see the hypocrisy here? 

Do you see what's going on here?

Obama is trying to make up for his nice vacation taken during the midst of the oil spill crisis. He is also trying to make up for his disastrous healthcare and Wall Street reform.

Let me ask you a question. Back in 2008, when the financial system was collapsing, did Bush insist that the banks cut or eliminate their common stock dividend?  

Of course not. 

After TARP was passed, jettisoning billions of dollars to the same banks that caused this global meltdown, did Obama insist that banks eliminate their dividend? 

Of course not.

Did Obama initiate criminal investigations into the financial industry?  

Of course not.

All that was done was to fool Americans by going after small players.

Every politician is all over BP only for their own interests. It enables them to distract from something they dare not address; investigations of the criminal syndicate that caused a global depression.

As I have said in the past, it doesn't matter whether you have Clinton, Bush, Obama, or anyone else in office. The results will always be the same because all U.S. presidents are puppets. Any presidential candidate who refuses to be a puppet is shut out of the election process, often early on, as was the case with Dennis Kucinich.

I have said this for two years now and I will say it again. Every single executive from the major banks, mortgage companies and credit rating agencies should have been immediately sent to prison for securities fraud. Thereafter, investigations should determine others who were responsible. In total I would estimate 10,000 people should be in prison for this fraud, not including homeowners, appraisers, and small mortgage companies.

I hope you understand how you are being fooled. Remember, the BP oil spill is relatively new. Meanwhile, criminal investigations have already been launched. Obama needs to stop putting his own interests in front of those of the people on the Gulf coast. 

By investigating BP while it is trying desperately to contain the spill, this is adding pressure to the company and possible hampering their abilities to commit 100% of their effort to stopping the oil spill. BP can be investigated after they have stopped the leak and cleaned up the mess. But Americans should protest in mass if a REAL investigation into the financial crisis fraud is not commenced. To date, there have been no real investigations launched.

After two years, why are the banking executives still walking the streets??  In fact, they are wealthier today than even before the collapse!!!

Do not forget this.



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