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AVA Investment Analytics Announces Awards For America's Best Contrarian Indicators
Monday, September 13, 2010, by Stathis

As part of our mission to expose the truth and cut through the smoke and mirrors games played by the media and Internet marketers, we have identified America's best contrarian indicators.

This award goes to those who claim to be investment experts whose advice and recommendations are best utilized by doing the opposite of what they say.

In determining this award, we examined the track records of all candidates dating back to several years. As you can imagine, with so many clowns out there with such horrendous track records, this was a painstaking process.

However, after expensive analysis, we have come to a decision as the best contrarian indicator, and it's an 8-way tie. The co-winners are as follows:

Martin Weiss (worst investment recommendations)

Robert Prechter (worst market forecaster)

Jim Cramer (intentional confusion, promoting pro-Wall Street agendas)

Don Luskin (worst economic forecasts)

Peter Schiff (extremism got the best of him resulting in terrible investment ideas)

Marc Faber (similar to Schiff in his extremism, Faber never knows when to shift directions)

Gary Shilling (one of the oldest perma-bears around, he has been predicting doom since the 1980s)

Harry Dent (Mr. flip-flop reminds us of Robert Kiyosaki, always trying to catch aboard the train after its passed)

Runners-up: Larry Kudlow, Doug Kass, Liz Sonders, Bob Brinker

Note that in researching their track records, we also made adjustments for the attempts of these individuals to cover their tracks using numerous methods including (but not limited to) making forecasts that cover every possibility and making hidsight predictions after others have done so.

Others have looked like they knew what was going on until recently until you realize that they have been bearish since the 1990s or even longer.

We will be presenting more detail on these winners in the future, so stay tuned.



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