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The Devil And The Conehead
Thursday, July 28, 2011, by Stathis

Updated on August 22, 2011
For comic relief, we decided to post a brief piece on a couple of idiots from CNBC. 
One, Macke is now on Yahoo's Breakout (formerly Tech Ticker). See here.
We have previously exposed the realities of this basement room media firm, run by the infamous Henry Blodget. It is like the TMZ of investments; complete trash. Oh, and more than 90% of the guests coincidentally happen to be Jewish. And they have miserable track records. Surprise. 
Is it just me, or do these guys resemble the devil and a conehead?
Write that email down and let these idiots know how you feel about their clown show. 
Now on a more serious note. First, you should ask yourself what in the hell would Najarian know about defaults? 
These guys know about as much as bloggers and financial reps who spend all day reading the NYT and WSJ and writing about it, like Mike Shedlock (he seems to have a great deal of time on his hands which is usually the case when you don't have many clients). In other words, they obtain their thoughts and opinions based on what they read from others. That's not research folks. And it sure as hell isn't original thought. It's what you call the herd mentality. 
Rarely do people stop to ask the question whether or not a guest on a financial show is even qualified to discuss the topics laid before him. Instead, they figure that if it's a name or face they recognize, they must be experts.  WRONG.  In fact, it's just the opposite.  
Have a look at this dog-and-pony show which caters to the 15-18 age group or IQ below 90 at any age.

I added my own comment to explain how things work...
Here's how the media works. Get some idiot to blabber about nothing and pretend to know what's going on, offering no insight whatsoever. The idiot gets to promote his useless trading service and the sheep fall for it. The media gets to fool its sheep audience so Wall Street takes more of your money. Wall Street spends more on ads.  This is how the game is played which is why you will NEVER see a real expert in the media. On the very rare event when a real expert is interviewed they won't help you. They are there to either manipulate the market or to market their fund.  Wake up. Go to my site AVA Investment Analytics.  We expose all of these liars, frauds and crooks.
Macke's reply...
That's hysterical! That was seriously all just a pitch for your site?! That's so cynical; it's dark brilliance

Thumbs up, my good man. Thumbs up.

- macke
My reply...
Wrong Macke. It's an expose of reality. The facts speak the truth. Check our track record, check how you media bozos have banned us. Get a clue. We provide free insight unavailable elsewhere, oh and with NO ADVERTISEMENTS. That means we aren't owned by corporate and Wall Street agendas.
I'll give Macke some credit. At least he has the balls to not have my comment removed. But that still doesn't change the facts.
Macke, the fact is that you and the rest of your media lying scumbags fear me because I not only represent the truth and expose the scam behind the financial media, I also call out the so-called experts that you clowns air. And my criticisms are very powerful because I have amongst the highest credibility in the investment world as a result of my track record.  Macke, I own you bitch boy.
Now have a look at some of the readers' comments (click the image for a larger view).
Apparently, more people are waking up to the realities behind these clowns.  The problem is that when the entire media is under the control of a small handful of people and you get the same trash no matter where you turn, the only solution is to tune out completely. 
Why do you think we haven't bothered to waste time on the debt ceiling drama? 
What a waste of time!   Yet, it dominates the media focus daily. 
If you have been wasting your time with these debt debates, you can't get that time back in your life. You have been fooled once again by the media.  Don't you think it's about time you woke up?  Or do you want to lose more money?  Alas, the plot thickens.  As Macke was being canned, Business Insider (a site connected to Yahoo! Finance, Daily Ticker and Breakout) posted an article about Macke's bleak chances of being hired elsewhere...
"But Macke, though he has fans, is no Dylan Ratigan. He couldn't carry his own show, he doesn't have any obvious alternatives and, more importantly, his latest breakdown may have torpedoed any chance to get hired somewhere else."
The funny thing is that Ratigan is joke. But the real kicker is that after expressing Macke's poor chances to get hired, Daily Ticker/Breakout hired him!!  That tells you how useless these clowns are. Too funny.
There are not many professionals who possess such a comprehensive understanding of the investment process than Mike Stathis. This is specifically why several financial advisers, hedge fund and mutual fund managers, as well as Wall Street analysts subscribe to the Intelligent Investor.
His track record is becoming legendary whether we are talking about his market forecasts, real estate forecasts, precious metals and currency forecasts, or securities selections and trading guidance.
More information about the Intelligent Investor can be found here.





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