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A Note About The Economy And Stock Market
Saturday, October 23, 2010, by Stathis

Some of you my be wondering why I'm writing about multiculturalism and other topics while "currency wars" are taking place, or the effects of "QE2".  Seeing these buzz words should tell you the real deal. These things are meaningless. They are non-events. 

This is just a reminder that you aren't going to see trivial trash here. If I'm not talking about something you are hearing about elsewhere, that means it's noise and you shouldn't waste your time with it. 

Understand that the media wants to dramatize everything so that you spend much of your day reading and watching their trash. This is how they make money. Advertisements.

And the bloggers and financial authors on the Internet are too stupid to realize this. They too are sucked into the daily drama because they are merely followers of the media. This is fine by them because most of these guys don't have a job to speak of. They are surviving on ad clicks, so of course they want to dramatize trivia as well. But you should respect your time. You don't want to waste the small amount of free time you have in the day. Be smart with your time or at least spend it goofing off on your own, but not with the media.

I like to think that whatever I am writiing about is always important. This is why my topics are not likely to be mirrored on any other single website. I only discuss those things that are critical. Sure, I'll probably miss a relevant story here and there due to other commitments or just because I'm human. But you should assume this as an exception more than a rule.

If you get caught wasting your time on noise, you will never become a great investor because you only have so much time to devote to this process. Stay away from the noise and focus on things that really matter.  

So if you are thinking to yourself that you really need to check other websites because Ieave out too much on a day to day basis, you have been fooled. If I'm not talking about it, it's not important. Don't be sucked into the media vortex. If you allow yourself to be fooled by the media and the followers of the media, you will remain a sheep. 

There's a good reason why very few websites have original content related to investments and the economy. It points to the paucity of qualitied experts willing to spend the time to write about these topics. And when you see websites with news links and rehashed news commentaries, or pieces about things that don't help you become a wiser, more knowledable investors, you should understand that you are wasting your time. In that scenario, you need to stand up and walk away. Go walk your dog or walk around at the mall. Either of these activities will be a better use of your time.




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