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We Need Your Help Exposing Frauds
Sunday, August 14, 2011, by Stathis

For some time now, I have stood alone, spending a good part of my time researching, investigating and reporting fraud, deception, manipulation and so forth for the benefit of the public. 

In some cases, I have sought the assistance of the SEC in bringing the crooks to justice. Many remember my complaint submitted nearly 3 years ago to the SEC regarding the massive fraud related to the seizure of Washington Mutual.  However, I can tell you that on average, I submit a complaint every 10 days to the SEC (although I see securities fraud and stock manipulation on a daily basis).

Other times, I have exposed the realities behind the media celebrities who have been positioned as experts. I have written about these scoundrels many times on this site. 

I have never charged anyone for this information. Nor have I made a dime from advertising.  And believe me, many of these pieces require 40 or more hours of research. That's time I could have spent on my business or in my personal life.

However, I can no longer continue to expose the snake oil salesmen without outside assistance. 

That's where you come in. I need some volunteers specifically dedicated towards this pursuit. 

If you elect to assist us in this mission, you will be directed who to investigate, what to look, and so on. In some cases, we will provide you with notes and tell you how we want the article developed. You will learn how to research and scrutinize. You will be exercising your mind all while providing a public service to investors just like you.  

I cannot do this alone.  I have already suffered losses in the millions of dollars for warning and protecting you people.  I can not and I will not continue this endeavor until I receive assistance from you. 

If I do not receive some assistance, I will know I am dealing with greedy, lazy, self-serving people. I distance myself from such individuals. I have even ended 25-year long friendships when I learned that people were not who I thought they were.

So, I would advise you all to not assume that someone else will volunteer, because thus far, I have been extremely disappointed in the support and assistance I have received from the same people who read this site.

Do you want to let these scoundrels continue fooling people?  

Have you become a wiser investor and wiser person by reading my free articles? If so, how about donating some time and effort to help me help the sheep?  

If you have an interest, a REAL interest; and if you can stick to a commitment, contact us and we will give you more details. 

There are thousands of snake oil salesmen out there.  Let's get um before they take more money from more old ladies.



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