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CNBC Working With Wall Street To Take More Of Your Money
Wednesday, August 10, 2011, by Stathis

Over the past several days, I'm sure you've heard your fair share of debate regarding the recent downgrade of U.S. debt by Standard & Poor's. I have personally avoided this noise. However, I inadvertently ran across some comments by some clown on CNBC that I wanted to show you.

According to this guy, U.S. debt should be rated as junk bonds. You’ll hear the same ludicrous statement from Peter Schiff, Mark Faber, Jim Rogers, and the rest of the clowns.

Before you click the video link below, I want you to notice the commercial before the video. This guy from Schwab reminds me of one of those infomercial scam artists who tell you they can teach you to trade stocks using a computer program.  

Similar to all of Schwab’s face guys, he spends all of his time learning how to talk a good game instead of playing in the game. He should be selling vacuum cleaners door to door. All of these guys are salesmen. I hope you are beginning to spot them by now.

CNBC Clown Segment 

Think about it. This guy makes the argument that if the U.S. was a corporation it wouldn’t be able to do what it does.

Well of course not!           

Because the U.S. is NOT a corporation (although many U.S. government entities are incorporated).

Then the guy goes on to say that “Bank of America has one of the strongest balance sheets of any bank in the U.S.” This man is either senile or else he is a complete idiot.

Ever since the financial crisis, I have insisted that Citigroup and Bank of America remained in the most vulnerable situation. Quite simply, both banks would be insolvent without the continued support from the Federal Reserve. 

If U.S. debt were truly junk status, would mean nearly every state and many local governments would be 100 times worse off.

Furthermore, if that were the case, you could kiss the rest of the world goodbye because the U.S. government and Federal Reserve have been and will continue to bail out states and local governments and European banks, respectively.

Why is it that the media never provides its audience with unbiased and accurate insights from credible experts?   Why are they always looking for extremists?

Figure it out. First, they like to create drama because unfortunately, most people are unable to separate their lust for drama and drama-free investment programming.

Finally, the more extremist views the media pumps out (from the guys who talk about the U.S. being like Greece and Zimbabwe), the more confused and panicked they will become. And Wall Street will more easily take their money.  

For those of you who are new to the site, just to let you know, I do not watch CNBC. I don't even have cable. If you want to ever have a chance to beat the herd, the first thing you need to do is stay away from CNBC.  

Oh yea and did you notice the videos of Meredith Whitney to the right? 

As many of you know, I exposed Whitney a few months ago. See here.

Oh, and by the way, when I wrote the piece on her, I wasn't aware that she was Jewish. Now I know why she is a media darling. For that matter, who wants to bet Mr. Bove is also Jewish?  

Why are all of the media's financial experts Jewish??  

Isn't that a bit odd, especially considering that none of them has a track record worth a damn?

Think about it folks. It's time to start asking questions with people you know. 

These issues need to be raised because the digger you deep, the more dots you connect, the more you will begin to understand why none of the Wall Street executives are in prison for destroying the global economy.

You will understand who is sending millions of jobs overseas, who opened the U.S. borders and why.

You will understand why the Greenspan has not been arrested.

You will understand why Zionist-controlled Washington wants to take away your Medicare and Social Security to control spending, but has no intention of leaving the $5 trillion war in the Middle East; a war being fight by American blood and money for Israel.

This is why you shouldn’t watch TV, especially for economic news and financial analysis.

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