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Ron Paul: Wrong On The Economy, Wrong On Healthcare (Part 1)
Tuesday, July 21, 2009, by Stathis

While I do agree with Congressman Ron Paul's position on the Federal Reserve, this by no means should be used as a blanket endorsement of his political and economic views; and certainly not his views on healthcare.

The Federal Reserve mafia has been in control of America since inception. This cartel has worked particularly hard over the past two decades to gain control over the global banking system. So, you had better believe they aren't going away, nor is their control. They’re too powerful now, and they won’t allow anyone to get in their way. They control Washington. They control the media. They control economists. They control your lives.  

As we have recently witnessed, President Obama has been instructed by his puppet masters to grant the Fed even more power. If Bush was still in the White House we would see the same thing. If Clinton was still president we would see the same thing. If McCain were elected we would see the same thing.

It does not matter who the president is because the Fed and its allies make many of the big decisions coming from the White House. They always win, regardless whether it’s the democrats who are in charge or the republicans. This is why your vote no longer matters. 

This is also why Washington will not permit a third political party to compete equally with its two-party mafia. Ron Paul realized this, and that is most likely why he ran as a republican. He hoped to work successfully within the confines of America’s political system in order to bring forth those changes he deemed appropriate.

The problem is that real change is impermissible in the current political system because it resembles a mafia. Perhaps Paul thought that by appeasing healthcare lobbyists with a continuation of pseudo-free market healthcare, he would be granted permission to compete on a level playing field with other candidates.

He was wrong. Consequently, he was shut out of the race by the highly manipulated political process specifically because he wanted to abolish the Federal Reserve and its collection agency, the IRS.

I chose not to vote for either of the presidential candidates because I realized it would not matter who won. Either way, I realized Americans would lose because McCain and Obama are members of America’s political mafia. This is why they were positioned as the leading candidates. You must understand that the media influences the outcome of all elections. The previous presidential election made that all too obvious.

I am not speaking as a Ron Paul supporter. I did not support Paul because I do not trust his judgment. His no-government extremist approach to the economy is exactly what Wall Street and corporate America want; so they can extort even more money from consumers.

America has not had a real free market economy in many years. And this reality most certainly extends to the healthcare industry. Congressman Paul needs to wake up and realize that. I am speaking as an unbiased observer of the process and one who truly understands America’s problems. I speak for the benefit of the people rather than my own personal interests. I speak the truth.

Each party of America’s political mafia has been designed to fool voters by smaller political distractions (gun control, abortion, healthcare, etc.). But each one ultimately answers to the Federal Reserve and corporate America.

As a symbol of this scam Washington continues to call a “democracy,” at the end of day after all the bickering between issues has ended, (much of which is used to garner voter support) members of both parties share dinner, drinks and sometimes female companions - all paid for by your tax dollars.

See here.

In the past, many who threatened to diminish the Fed's power have been murdered; a mere coincidence? You decide. Regardless of what you conclude, today, the Fed has no need to resort to these tactics, as the same group that controls the Fed now controls the American media; Zionists and other elitists.

Make no mistake. The neo-con spin doctors have been given direct orders by media executives to spread myths of Obama being a Muslim as a smoke screen to mask his real control by Zionists. If you are not convinced of this, I ask you to closely examine the members of Obama’s cabinet. You should also examine the source of most of his campaign dollars. George Soros is certainly not the only large donor, but he was by far the most influential, having leveraged his personal political, financial, organizational and religious ties from across the globe.  

As a demonstration of its loyalty to Washington’s Ponzi scheme economy and in support of crony capitalism, the economic community is screaming against any restrictions that might be placed on the Fed’s authorities. In fact, they are using scare tactics to rally for even more control. And the media is playing its part as well.

It’s shocking that anyone would bother to listen to these government and Wall Street hacks whose track records are even worse than the clowns on CNBC.

It’s shocking to see the same criminals who destroyed more than 50% of the world’s wealth be rewarded with absolute power over the financial system.

It’s shocking to see how the real criminals behind this global Ponzi scheme are being rewarded with taxpayer dollars, rather than indictments for securities fraud.

It’s shocking there are no riots across America; that is, until you consider how the media has seized control over the people. 

The media has hijacked the minds of most Americans, whether by distraction using flu pandemics and Hollywood gossip, or by deception spreading complete lies about the realities of the economy, Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. And they use their “go-to” guys as the adjudicators of these illusive messages. We saw the same scenario a few years ago. We have seen the same scenario over and over.

You know who they are. They are featured in print by every major publication and interviewed by the broadcast media on a daily basis. But prior to accepting what they say as valid, I ask you to examine their complete track record, their previous ties to government agencies, their ties to Wall Street, their source of sponsorship dollars, their ties to the Zionist community and America’s Zionist-controlled government and media.

Once you have adequately examined these things, you will realize the truth. You will realize they are all in the same club. Media executives are betting that you won’t bother to take the time to look into these things. And so far, they’ve been right.

See here.

You know who they are. They are members of the “media club.” Some of them have been preaching doom for twenty years, and therefore have no credibility. Others, are members of the economic community, and therefore serve as government hacks. Others have worked for the World Bank and the IMF, and therefore remain as Washington insiders. In every case, these sell-outs lack real credibility, whether it’s Roubini, Krugman, Schiff or Shiller. In each case, the faces are different, but the underlying motives and messages are essentially the same.



At least one of these financial “celebrities” seems to think he has credible ideas how to fix healthcare despite the fact that he has no experience or expertise in healthcare. And the sheep believe him despite the fact that this individual has no idea what he is talking about.  
Even if the media allowed real experts to challenge the views of this “Paris Hilton” of investing and other members of the media club, the sheep would still be blinded from the truth because they are in such a deep trance. This is the current state of America. The people have been transformed into mindless sheep.
Today, Zionists control Washington more so than ever. Their use of the media industry explains how and why Ron Paul was effectively shut out of the presidential campaign. The censorship, attacks and other methods used by the media did well to make Paul an insignificant candidate early on. Make no mistake. This campaign against Paul was designed by media executives and others in support of their Zionist banking friends. 
Yet, I challenge you to find any politician who dares to criticize Zionism or even Israel. It never happens because they know it would mark an end to their political career. Congressman Paul knows this but he is afraid to speak the truth because he realizes it would be political suicide; perhaps worse.  
What’s truly remarkable is that even Israel’s own media is often very critical of the Israeli government, its military policies and its strong ties to Washington. If you doubt this, I invite you to patch yourself into the Israeli media. 
While foreigners continue to laugh at Israel’s control over America, most Americans remain in the dark because their minds have been seized by the media. America’s Zionist-controlled media industry transforms facts into fiction, ignores all topics which might expose the Zionist domination of America, and censor those who might dare to speak the truth.
Today, the American media machine is almost scripted word for word. And if you dare criticize the control over America by Zionists, you will be instantly labeled as an anti-Semite to discredit your reputation and thoughts. This is a form of social intimidation, serving as a cloak used by Zionists to continue their domination of Washington, the banking system, the media and most large U.S. corporations. 
Rather than any real expectations of abolishing the Federal Reserve, it appears that Congressman Paul’s real motives are to stir up controversy and create publicity. Fair enough. At the very least, he does have the courage to speak out against this highly dangerous banking cartel. I just wish he would get to the root of America’s problems by addressing Zionist control of America.
That said, while I agree with his views of the Fed, I strongly disagree with many of his economic views which have been practically photocopied from Austrian economic theory without challenge.
Paul is like many others you see on TV and read about on the Internet who subscribe to the Austrian school of economic theory, without bothering to criticize its many weaknesses. That makes them followers, not leaders in thought.
No doubt, the Austrian system has many beneficial ideas. However, it is also filled with many flaws. The same can be said of Keynesian economic theory.
Human nature causes most people to attach loyalty and credibility to those who present one issue their audience sides with, while failing to question other issues. This is a dangerous mentality to have.
Some have come to realize that there really is only one political party in America. As a result of their frustrations, they’ve turned to the so-called “alternative” media. However, when you dig deeply, you will find they are no different than the mainstream media.
See here.
What I find less excusable is for Ron Paul, a politician and a physician, to claim that the citizens of the most powerful, most advanced nation in the world have no right to healthcare. This is beyond absurd. 
Paul would rather let America's pseudo-free market healthcare system extort money from consumers through a continuation of industry collusion, leaving U.S. consumers to subsidize the costs of prescription drugs for the rest of the world. 
As a physician from the state with the biggest healthcare crisis in America, with nearly 1 in 3 residents without healthcare coverage, Paul should understand more than anyone else in Washington the problems faced by the healthcare system. It appears as if America’s very powerful and wealthy healthcare lobbyists have influenced his views.
In short, Paul's solutions would place healthcare in a much direr situation. Rather than put an end to the fraud, waste and industry collusion, Paul prefers a continuation of America’s out-of-control pseudo-free market healthcare system. Evidently, he has been transformed into a politician, bearing no resemblance to anyone with insider knowledge of healthcare.
The real solution to America’s healthcare woes will be difficult, but achievable if Washington decides to make the right decisions.
The solution is some combination of universal healthcare, radical policy change, and technology. A system of universal coverage would save hundreds of billions of dollars annually after streamlining the bureaucracy and slashing the huge administrative costs from the private insurers. 
The technology I speak of involves the design and assembly of a national healthcare IT and telemedicine platform.
Once in place, a system of integrated healthcare technologies (with or without universal healthcare) would provide:
(1) Significant cost savings
(2) Drastic reduction in medical errors
(3) Efficient rationing of medical services
(4) Adequate resources enabling consumers to be more accountable for their health
Ideally, in such a system a basic level of coverage would be provided to all. More advanced and extended therapies and care would be made available by a greatly reduced private insurance market. 
While modern technology would also minimize waste and fraud, without a system to ensure adequate accountability in place, improvements in these areas would be minimal.  
While startup costs for a national healthcare IT platform and other changes would be high, the long-term benefits would be tremendous. These changes would not cost any additional funds when viewed over the course of two decades. In fact, if designed and executed appropriately, total healthcare expenditures would decrease significantly. 
Finally, it is obvious to anyone familiar with the root causes of America’s long decline that universal healthcare offers the best solution to restore the productivity of this nation. I’m not talking about the one million medical bankruptcies occurring each year. I’m not even talking about the added morale boost anticipated from a system of guaranteed medical care, although these benefits would certainly add to the nation’s prosperity.  
I’m talking about making the rules of free trade more equitable, so that U.S. corporations are not forced to send jobs and entire facilities overseas in order to remain globally competitive.
Virtually all of America’s major trading partners have some kind of universal healthcare system. Meanwhile, the best healthcare systems in the world have highly advanced healthcare IT platforms, which will enable a smooth transition towards modern medical care. Because these nations have universal care, their national healthcare IT platforms have been funded by the government. Therefore, employers are not burdened with the high and uncertain costs of these liabilities.
Naturally, when U.S. corporations want to cut costs, they can avoid the fastest growing expense on the balance sheet by reducing healthcare benefits, dropping coverage or sending jobs overseas.  
These are just a few of the changes I have proposed in a book I have been working on as a part of my work in the healthcare industry. My solution aligns healthcare with true free market dynamics instead of the current pseudo-free market system. 

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