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ObamaCare Spells DISASTER For Americans (Part 1)
Tuesday, December 22, 2009, by Stathis

First, I want to point out that this article should by no means encourage support for the Republican Party. If you are not already aware, both parties deliver essentially the same results when it comes to issues that matter most to the people, such as the case with free trade and healthcare, while fooling you to think they represent opposing positions. They are able to carry out this deceit with the help of the media monopoly, which uses censorship, lies, misinformation, scare tactics, brainwashing and other methods to deceive the public.

Most Americans have been fooled into thinking one party has the solutions to the nation’s problems, when the facts paint a much different picture. You need to understand that both parties are the same. As history shows, you get the same result regardless who resides over the White House and Congress.

As a distraction to mask this conjoined political system, each party takes a different stance on less important issues, such as gun ownership, abortion and so forth. These issues often strike an emotional response from voters, but they do not affect corporations so much.

In contrast, each party always agrees (although they further mask their alliance with big industry by voicing minor opposition) when it comes to economic issues most critical to the people; free trade and healthcare, because these issues are also most critical to corporations. For issues that matter the most, industry lobbyists shuttle billions of dollars in bribes to get the laws passed that favor their industry, most often at the expense of the American people.

And at the end of the day, as each member of congress celebrates their showboating activities on C-SPAN, they all meet for dinner and drinks with industry lobbyists, boasting how they fooled the public.

Should I list some examples to illustrate this? 

As you will recall, in the early 1990s President Clinton (D) passed NAFTA. This critical piece of legislature opened the doors to free trade; but not just in North America. NAFTA was the beginning of the globalization trend that has since destroyed dozens of American industries, while exporting millions of jobs overseas.

A decade later, President Bush (R) continued the destruction of American jobs by extending free trade via CAFTA. He also passed the American Jobs Creation Act, which contrary to its name, only created jobs overseas at the expense of American jobs.

Similar to those before him, President Obama (D) has taken over where Bush left off, by sidelining previous promises to restructure free trade. Obama’s puppet master, George Soros made certain to continue globalization by instructing Obama to appoint Larry Summers, “Mr. pro-free trade,” as his chief economic adviser. In case you were not aware, it is actually Summers who is making many of the decisions from the White House. Obama is merely a puppet, as was Bush, Clinton, and many others in the past.

What about healthcare? As you will recall, President Clinton (D) attempted to get healthcare reform passed in the mid-90s. But his proposed reform did not represent what was most needed; cost containment and a focus on prevention. Thus, it really did not represent any detriment to the healthcare industry. Other than a couple of wrist slaps, Clinton’s healthcare reform merely served as a smoke screen to appease voters. Yet, the relentless greed characterized by this powerful industry flooded the airwaves with scare tactics, unwilling to budge an inch if at all possible.

A few years later, President Bush (R) sought to offer a solution to the mounting crisis in healthcare costs through what stands today as the worst piece of legislature ever passed, as well as America’s biggest entitlement plan ever – Medicare Part D. Rather than a benefit to seniors, Medicare D serves as a taxpayer subsidy for drug giants. Furthermore, it was passed by illegal and deceptive means. In fact, many congressmen and lobbyists should be in prison for the tactics used to get this disastrous bill passed. Instead, many who should be in prison are now being paid huge sums of money as drug lobbyists.


Now President Obama (D) is trying to get healthcare reform passed as a way to win votes, while distracting from financial reform. After all, Goldman Sachs was the biggest (official) donor to his campaign. As you will recall, part of Obama’s campaign promises for healthcare reform were to provide universal healthcare, with no mandatory requirements to purchase health insurance.

Finally, he promised to remove Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthy as a way to pay for this plan. He has not proposed any of these things as a part of healthcare reform. In fact, Obama has allowed the healthcare lobbyists to steamroll him. As a result, he has largely sat back while lobbyists have written all proposed bills. 

But when the cameras are rolling, similar to his tough-talk, no-action stance on the financial industry, Obama is all hot air when it comes to real healthcare reform. His first mistake was permitting bought-off politicians to transform healthcare reform into health insurance reform. The healthcare system has many more problems in addition to the health insurance segment.

Worst of all, even the health insurance segment is unlikely to be reformed. It is quite clear that Obama understands his role as puppet to the elitists.

It’s actually quite funny that most Americans really think he’s making decisions. Perhaps they haven’t bothered to question how he can be on Jay Leno one day, in China the next, and Copenhagen two days later, all while delivering his teleprompter speeches, reading letters from Americans and responding. If you're waiting for change, I wouldn't advise holding your breath.  

Obama is able to get away with this dog-and-pony act because of the Hollywood production that has created the Obama persona. But he cannot escape one fate that seems to be invariable in America’s figureheads.


Similar to those selected to serve as the face guy for American leadership, it would appear there is much more to Obama than meets the eye. Obama is unlike other Hollywood characters, plagued with scandal while truly lacking substance.

Surely, the Washington criminals must be laughing at the ignorance of those they have sworn to serve; those who never seem to learn from the past; those with short memories; those who rely on the nation’s propaganda machine instead of taking the time to research things for themselves.

It’s truly a disgusting situation to behold. These Washington criminals, many guilty of treason, are becoming wealthier as the living standards of most Americans vaporize. 


And Americans sit back, doing nothing, as the nation’s future fades.

Let me be clear to those of you who did not read my 2006 book, America’s Financial ApocalypseThe issues that matter the most to Americans are free trade and healthcare. These two issues will directly determine your livelihood. All other issues are distractions.

Both parties agree when it comes to the continuation of trade policies. Washington’s unfair trade policies remain destructive to working-class Americans, while highly beneficial to corporations and their elite owners. 

As a result of inequitable rules of trade, U.S. corporations are forced to send jobs overseas in order to remain competitive. As a result of this trend, much of the wealth and income of working-class Americans have been directly transferred not only into the hands of the wealthy elite, but also into the hands of the working-class citizens of Asia and Latin America. That is precisely why these nations have benefited from eye-popping economic growth and surging living standards for a number of years.  

We cannot forget that America has the only employer-based healthcare system in the world. This healthcare-employment link currently provides health insurance for 160 million Americans.

So as more jobs are sent overseas, more Americans lose their health insurance, forcing them to seek the much more costly insurance offered by the private market. But if they have a preexisting medical condition, they may not be able to get health insurance at any cost.

What is most ironic is that healthcare costs are the fastest growing expense for U.S. corporations, so you can imagine how America’s out of control healthcare costs are putting even more pressure on corporations to send jobs overseas, shift more out-of-pocket medical costs to workers or hire contractors.

When it comes to healthcare, democrats have brainwashed Americans to think they are preparing a meaningful reform that will benefit the people. But the bill expected to be passed by the Senate – the one that will most likely represent healthcare “reform” - actually strengthens the industry’s control over healthcare delivery, while ensuring even bigger industry profits.

Despite the propaganda from the White House, I will guarantee you the Senate bill has loopholes for insurers to effectively deny coverage to consumers with preexisting medical conditions by making it unaffordable to most. 

The only bill offering any hope of restoring a competitive environment to the health insurance industry – that created by the House – has little chance of passing because healthcare lobbyists were not as involved in its design. Even this bill does nothing to address the primary issues responsible for America’s healthcare crisis.

Throughout the healthcare debate, republicans have exposed the many weaknesses of Obama’s healthcare reform only as a manner by which to score political points. This represents the typical tactic of blasting your opposition’s ideas through scare tactics, as a way to draw support for your party. But when it comes to the issues that matter most to Americans, the results will always be the same regardless of the party in control. So if you think the republicans have a better solution, you have been fooled by the masters in control of the game of life.

Despite the feuds reported by the media, each political party doesn’t really battle each other as you have been led to believe. Their bickering is largely showmanship for the cameras. It resembles the type of squabbling between two mafia families. They only battle for bragging rights. In the end, both parties serve the same crime boss – the elitists and corporate giants. That is precisely why the results are the same for the issues that matter most to Americans.

Republicans have seized upon the momentum of Americans who are fed-up with Washington by conspicuously spearheading tea parties across the nation. Little do the participants realize, most of these events are designed to recruit republican voters.  

Other times, these events serve as a sounding board where frustrated American’s can diffuse their anger, rather than allowing it to build up; for if their anger did accumulate, Americans might actually do something that leads to real results. And Washington would definitely not like that. At best, tea parties represent controlled opposition, which accomplishes nothing other than to keep you compliant.

Other media figures have spoken out criticizing the atrocities committed by Washington and Wall Street, as a way to make you think they are on your side. But that is not at all the case. These clowns are just as guilty as Wall Street criminals and their Washington buddies. And they are making a killing endorsing gold while leading you to believe they are on your side.  

You need to ask these clowns what they were doing a couple of years ago to warn you of this depression.

They did nothing.

They focused their discussions on Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, while censoring people like me who tried to warn the public of this apocalypse, knowing their corporate sponsors would not be happy if you were warned by an expert with no agendas because it would be much more difficult for corporate interests and Wall Street banks to take your money. 

And by the time the apocalypse was evident, the media interviewed extremists with poor track records, whose only intention was selling you doom so you would buy gold from them or their sponsors.

This enabled clowns like Glenn Beck to land huge endorsement deals from gold dealers. Only fools support the people that were in some way responsible for their losses. If you listen or watch Beck, Cramer, Kudlow, Cavuto, etc., etc., etc. and the other media scumbags, you deserve the losses you have endured. The same applies to the print media. You are responsible for fueling the fire.

When you have a person who receives any type of compensation for endorsing an investment, they should fall under SEC regulatory guidelines. Accordingly, Beck, Levine and many other media airheads who are getting rich pumping up the gold bubble should be required to register as investment advisers because they are effectively providing financial advice for compensation.  

I have proposed the same for all media outlets such as CNBC and so forth, and SEC attorneys have agreed with me. If you agree, contact the SEC and tell them. If enough people call in, the SEC will be pressured to ask Washington to pass this much-needed law.  

Have a look at just a few of the weasels who have leveraged their media celebrity to endorse gold. Goldline is paying these bozos big bucks for their endorsement, which also includes ads on their shows and interviews with the president of the company. These are paid interviews and I view that as fraud.


When considering a purchase of gold coins or other physical gold items, you should ask yourself the following question…if gold is going to keep rising as gold dealers claim, why are they so desperate to sell it to you? Couldn’t they make more money hoarding it themselves and selling it later?  

In the end, the extremists interviewed by these agenda-filled hosts steered many investors into a more devastating predicament than the suckers who listened to the perma-bulls.

Still, others have more novel tactics, like staging theatrical face-offs with CNBC bozos as a way to boost ratings. That’s right. Jon Stewart is also your enemy. If you think otherwise, you have been fooled. In fact, he might even be worse than Jim Cramer because he’s huge phony.

Sadly, most Americans just can’t seem to see the light.

They fail to realize the current scam played out in the same manner as the dotcom bust a few years ago.   

The various TV and radio personalities who criticize the government all work for the same elitists who control the media. They are also partners with Wall Street because Wall Street spends a fortune buying advertisements. As a result, the message delivered by the media will always favor Wall Street and always screw you. Never forget that. 

They are all players in the game designed to screw you. Each has different methods and means.

But each has the same goal in mind; fooling you while laughing all the way to the bank.  

So what will Americans do next year in response? 

Vote in a republican congress, thinking they will get better results? 

Wake up and stop being a fool.

As with all fascist dictatorships, Americans really don’t have a choice in government. There is no democratic process in America. Your vote is useless.

If the media fails to sway your vote through selective coverage of candidates and other tactics, electronic balloting will yield the results those who run America desire.


Your only option does not rest with voting for the other party, as they will lead to the same results; declining living standards for working-class Americans.

The only meaningful option is to take back the nation from the criminals that seized it. 

But that is unlikely to happen because Americans have become controlled by the media. As long as they have their TV sets, Americans will remain distracted from the sad reality of their lives by cheesy TV shows. They will continue to be brainwashed by scripted news stories, which often originate from the White House’s PR office.

As long Americans have their credit cards, they will be fooled into thinking they are well off, when the facts paint a much different picture.

If you believe democrats are different than republicans, you will always have someone to blame when your life continues to suck. This illusion of a democratic process and two-party system serves to prevent anarchy.

That is the way the game is played. And by the looks of things, the American people have been losing this game for a number of years

You need to ignore anyone who tells you that republicans offer real solutions, just as you should do the same for those who point to the democrats as the solution. As the facts show, America has a fascist dictatorship, disguised as a democracy. And the media is a principal player in this game of deceit and exploitation

Any way you look at it, neither party will pass meaningful healthcare reform because healthcare lobbyists control the industry. And they are the ones who are writing the various healthcare bills, while stuffing millions of dollars into the back pockets of congressmen. 

Neither the democrats nor the republicans will provide a real solution to America’s healthcare crisis because they represent the healthcare industry rather than the people, thanks to billions of dollars shuttled to them via some 2100 healthcare lobbyists; nearly four per congressman.

For most consumers, much of their knowledge of America’s healthcare system has come from repeated myths spread by radio and television talking heads representing political and financial interests.

Some of the most common myths about healthcare have been “America has the best healthcare system in the world.”


“All Americans can afford health insurance but many chose not to purchase it.”

As you will see, these statements are untrue. These and other myths have been fueled by forces, both political and corporate, that stand to benefit from the continuation of current healthcare policy.                               

We see similar tactics by the same media hams who appear to be just as clueless about healthcare as they are about the economy and investments.   

In reality, most of these so-called “experts” are really professional marketers, disguised as economic and investment experts. Upon careful examination of their track record, you will almost invariably determine the same conclusion; they are unreliable and should be ignored at all cost.

Other so-called “experts” toss in their own brand of propaganda as a way to fuel their political aspirations, asserting that America’s free market system is the best way to remedy the healthcare crisis. And the sheep fall for this rubbish without bothering to examine the facts because they have been brainwashed by America’s propaganda machine.

The fact is that America no longer has a true free market economy. It has not had a real free market economy for a number of years. This is especially evident in the healthcare industry. I will discuss this in detail in the future, so bear with me.

Today, I will clear up the first myth - “America has the best healthcare system in the world” - so you can see that you have been once again fooled by corporate interests.

Let’s begin with yesterday’s news conference.

While applauding the recent success of what promises to be a very lucrative healthcare bill for the insurance industry and a disaster for Americans, AMA's president-elect, Dr. Cecil B. Wilson, uttered a bold-faced lie…

"America has the best health care in the world -- if you can get it."

As you will see shortly, by no means does America have the world’s best healthcare system.  

In fact, it has one of the worst healthcare systems in the developed world, and the worst in the world per dollar spent.

But how can this be so?

As you will see, when you allow a public service like healthcare to operate with essentially no regulation and no real penalties for fraud, all in the face of healthcare lobbyists who shuttle billions of dollars to politicians to ensure there are no price controls, while increasing taxpayer subsidies, you will have an industry that extorts money from its victims. You will have a healthcare system that emphasizes profits over quality care. This describes America’s healthcare system; the world’s most expensive, least accessible and most inefficient healthcare system; a healthcare system with some of the lowest indicators of healthcare quality in the developed world.

Next, Wilson made a very true statement…

"For far too many people access to care is out of reach because they lack insurance. This is not acceptable to physicians."

Indeed Dr. Wilson, lack of insurance is unacceptable to physicians; but let’s be honest here. You only make such a conclusion because lack of insurance means fewer revenues for physicians. 

If the lack of medical insurance was deemed unacceptable to U.S., physicians, why is it unheard of for physicians to provide free or discounted care to those who cannot afford it? 


Part 1 is continued here.


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