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What Alex Jones Doesn't Want You To Know
Tuesday, February 2, 2010, by Stathis

A few months ago, I wrote a brief piece on how Alex Jones has brainwashed so many people. Well, actually, I only discussed a tiny portion of it.

I have not had the time to write more about Jones, but I will in the future.

Here, I give you a small bit of additional information on Jones, as well as some important information on Zionism and Israel's involvement in 911.

Don't worry though because I will be exposing Jones much more in the future. I know well, perhaps better than anyone how he manipulates his Kool-Aid-drinking listeners.

You see, I happened to be the victim of one of Jones' tactics.

And that turned out to be his big mistake because it caused me to conduct an in-depth examination of him. I will discuss what I am talking about in detail sometime in the future.

Ever since becoming aware of his deceit, I have been gradually compiling a huge file on Jones, just as I have on others that must be exposed because they are fooling so many people.


Watch this video and you will see how Jones disseminates more lies,
while running away from the truth. 

The Arabs own the media?  

The Arabs own the stock markets?  

Why isn't Jones discussing Zionists? 

Who owns the media? 

Who controls most major corporations?

Who destroyed the U.S. economy and made out with a huge payday at the expense of taxpayers?  

Who is pulling Obama's strings?  

Who was behind 911?  

The common answer?




Notice how Jones goes crazy after Mike Delaney mentions Freedman and Bernstein, two Jewish Americans who exposed the Zionist elites who control the U.S. and much of the world. 

The funny thing is that whenever Zionists are exposed, they will label even Jews who expose them as anti-semites or self-hating Jews.

As far as I'm concerned, any Jewish person who stands up against Zionism and speaks out against this elitist mafia is a hero. 

And while there are many Jewish Americans who have spoken out against the Zionist control over America, the illegal and inhumane occupation of Palestine, the criminal activities of the Zionist mafia that controls the financial system, their number pales in comparison to the Zionist takeover and brainwashing by most Jewish Americans.

And when you add the daily brainwashing and social intimidation by the Zionist media monopoly, the efforts of these men becomes even more diminished. 

Part of the reason so many have been fooled by Jones is because he sometimes speaks the full truth. However, keep in mind that the media also does the same thing.

You have to keep in mind that Jones establishes credibility by laying out a framework of facts that are verifiable.

Then, he gradually puts his own spin on things AFTER you are convinced that everything he says is the truth. This tactic preys on lazy people who want to be led, so they are quickly transformed fromm skeptics into followers.

Also, similar to the media, while some of what he airs is the complete truth, this becomes diluted by the large number of other broadcasts that distract from the truth so that you have to either be lucky enough to have viewed only the 5% of segments that represented the unspun truth, or you have to know already what the truth is or else you will be confused and your perception of the truth will be distorted.

For instance, in the following video, Jones points the finger at Zionists. However, you should note that this is rare for Jones. Most of his segments distract from Zionists, similar to the first video in this piece.  So it becomes a numbers game. And the ideas that are represented in the largest numbers wins over your mind.

The reason why Jones and others in the media bother to even air completely truthful and revealing segments like the one below is to respond to more intelligent and informed critics.

By stating the truth, even rarely, Jones can claim "hey look at this video; I exposed the Zionists so how can you say that I never do?"  Yes Alex, but what percentage of the time do you point the finger at Zionists???

Notice in the video (about 1:20 min into it) how Jones starts talking about how people are making accusations about him, but he doesn't tell you what they are. These accusations are that Jones is a Zionist agent, a CIA informer, a fake truther, etc.  This is why he feels the need to target the Zionists in this segment; to silence his critics.

Now in fairness to Mr. Jones, the things he speaks of in the above video (audio) are 100% true. 

HOWEVER, you need to understand that he often exaggerates and comes to unsubstantialed conclusions in order to support his own agendas.

Remember, Jones has only brought up the Zionist control over America in the above video as a way to silience his critics. Apparently, he has fooled this guy at the end of the video (audio). This is just one way Jones fools his listeners. Jones revealed his true colors in the first and second videos (audios).


Now if this guy can see the truth about Jones why can't you?

He doesn't seem to be particularly well-educated, but that does NOT matter.

The only difference between this man and those who don't see the truth behind Jones is that this man has soent a lot of time researching things. And that's the only thing that really matters.

Now I leave you with a great documentary you probably have not seen about 911, discussing Israel's involvement, in conjunction with (in my opinion) the CIA. 

All of the other 911 documentaries mysteriously failed to discuss Israel's involvement, which was documented by the U.S. government and even reported on FOX, before it was pulled and never discussed again.

Why have all other 911 documentaries failed to discuss Israel's involvement?

Once you examine who was behind these documentaries, the answer should be crystal clear.

Do I think President Bush was involved in 911? No.

Like Obama, Bush was just a puppet and had no need to know. 

The CIA, is the police force running America's fascist dictatorship, while the Council on Foreign Relations and their plants in Washington make all the decisions. 

Have a look at this video, then do you own investigation.

Research Benjamin Freedman and Jack Bernstein.

Do as much research as you can. It might take you a few months. Then decide for yourself.

I can tell you that I have been investigating these issues intensely for a couple of years now. 

While others are out at enjoying their weekend at parties and dating or getting drunk, spedning time with their family, watching movies or whatever, I'm researching these things.  That is how I spend my "free" time.

I can tell you that prior to the past few years, I have never felt the need to look into these issues.

Today, things are very different.

These issues are all linked to the economy, the capital markets and the future of America, so I advise you to start becoming informed.

You will never become informed by listening to others.

You will only truly become informed by researching things for yourself.

Use others as a guide.

Scrutinize what they are feeding you. Never stop questioning what others say. 

If you do, your mind will be hijacked. 

By the way, for those of you who have been patiently waiting, I hope to have America's Healthcare Solution released very soon. And I have been working on the February newsletter since last week. It will be released around the 7th or 8th.

If you enjoyed the documentary, take some time out of your day and contact the producer and thank him.

He didn't get paid one dime for it and I'm sure it cost him a good deal of money as well as an enormous amount of time.

People should start supporting those who are truly dedicated to the truth, rather than those who make telling what they want you to believe as the truth into a multi-millionaire business (a.k.a. Alex Jones), because there aren't many of the former people out there.

Mike Delaney



Also, I encourage you to check out his website and examine his material with an open mind.

Then do your own research using other sources before deciding for yourself. 

I have complied a massive amount of research myself and will be releasing it in the future.

I can tell you that I called him and thanked him. After discussing many things with him, I believe Mike is truly geniune.

I do not believe he is an anti-semite or anything else that others might label anyone who dare criticize the Zionist control over America and the many rumors that have become embraced within the world as fact. 

He is simply like you and I.

He is conerned for America, and is worried for his children's future.




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