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Dividend Gems Shines As The Market Corrects
Thursday, February 24, 2011, by Staff

As many of you know, we just launched the first issue of our newest investment newsletter in February called Dividend Gems.

Given the recent correction in the market, we wanted to show the performance of every security on the Dividend Gems list published thus far, a total of seventeen (17) of the best dividend securities identified by Mike. The performance spans the previous five (5) trading days to show how each security has performed since the current market correction.

The total list (to be published over the next two issues) contains approximately 35 securities; each with numerous categories (dividend growth, dividend quality, valuation, dividend safety, dividend growth, and capital appreciation potential) rated in terms of quality.

Each security also has a composite rating with a recommendation (buy, sell, hold, trim or add to position) and mentions relevant catalysts.

Each chart below shows the performance of several securities from the Dividend Gems list versus the Dow Jones Industrial Average with its associated composite rating indicated by a number.

Note that the average rating for this list is approximately good (2), while the average dividend yield is nearly 6%.

Note that if we wanted to make our results look even better, we could have plotted the performance of the securities on the Dividend Gems list relative to the S&P 500 Index since it has sold off by a larger percentage than the Dow Jones, as shown by the chart below.



The first chart shows Dividend Gems’ that since the correction began, our most highly-rated security (red price line) has outperformed the Dow Jones (green price line) by 720% (6% versus -1.20%).

The next highest-rated securities (+2) have outperformed the Dow by nearly 550% (4.25% versus -1.20%) and 140% (0.20% versus -1.20%) yellow and brown price lines respectively.

The final security in this chart underperformed the Dow by 250% (-3.10% versus -1.20%). 



The rating legend is as follows: 1 (excellent), 2 (good), 3 (average), 4 (below average), 5 (poor)

[Dividend Gems will cover securities rated below 3 for the purposes of analysis and education but will never recommend purchase of securities rated below 3. The current list does not include any securities rated below 3]


The next chart shows four more securities from the DG list recommendation list. As you can see, three more securities (rated 2+) from this list have also outperformed the Dow Jones, while one security (rated 1-) has performed in-line with the Dow.



As the next chart shows, even the lowest-rated securities (rated 3-) from the DG list have outperformed the Dow Jones.



The final chart shows the remaining securities from the DG list. As you can see, three securities (rated 2, 2- and 2) have outperformed the Dow, while one security (rated 2-) has performed in-line with the Dow.

The last security (rated 2-) has underperformed the Dow.



In summary, out of the seventeen (17) securities from the Dividend Gems list,

* Eleven (11) have outperformed the Dow Jones

* Four (4) have performed in-line with the Down

* Two (2) have underperformed the Dow Jones. 


When compared to the S&P 500 Index, sixteen (16) have outperformed while only one has slightly underperformed. 


This performance is very impressive and adds to the long and growing list of great calls made by Mike Stathis, our Chief Investment Strategist. Anyone who knows Mike’s track record and comprehensive expertise will agree that he is one of the sharpest investment minds in the U.S. I can assure you that Warren Buffett, George Soros and other great investors could learn much from Stathis.

Fortunately, rather than keep his secrets and analysis for himself, he provides this insight to serious investors who want to not only outperform the market and avoid market collapses, but for those who also want to learn how to become great investors.

You will notice that we show the results of our performance, we don’t just make claims like others.

But this is not all. We provide additional guidance that is extremely valuable because it helps readers with the decision-making process as new information comes along.

In Dividend Gems, we not only list our highest-rated dividend securities, we also provide monthly updates for each security on the list so you can actively manage your portfolio. In addition, we discuss what we view to be dangerous or securities with excessive risk.

We also provide extensive educational content to help raise your investment IQ.

If you have not yet subscribed to Dividend Gems, you are missing out on a tremendously valuable and educational publication not offered anywhere else. So what are you waiting for?  

The Intelligent Investor is without a doubt our best and most comprehensive publication. However, Dividend Gems contains content not covered by the Intelligent Investor. As such, we consider each of these publications to complement each other.

As an incentive to allow investors to better afford both of these spectacular publications, we are offering a special discount to this newsletter to all annual subscribers of the Intelligent Investor (which itself is being offered at a discount).

As well, we are offering a limited-time discount to for everyone who subscribes to Dividend Gems. Sign up now before rates rise, because we can assure you they will.

Subscribers who renew their annual subscription are provided with the opportunity to lock in rates for life and escape all future price increases (this does not apply to the special rate for DG provided to Intelligent Investor subscribers but they will receive a renewal discount).


At AVA Investment Analytics, we publish 3 investment newsletters and provide customized research to financial institutions, financial advisers and serious retail investors. You can sign up without registering as a Client here.



(1)  The Intelligent Investor newsletter is our flagship publication. It is the most comprehensive investment newsletter we know of in the world.


      See here for more details. 


      See here, here, here and here for our track record.   


(2)  The Market Forecaster newsletter provides forecasts for the U.S. and emerging markets (excluding Russia).  


      See here for more details. 


      See here and here for our track record.


(3)  The Dividend Gems newsletter provides my most highly recommended dividend securities with active management strategies, as well as discussions of other dividend securities.


      See here for more details. 







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