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Manipulation of Gold and Silver Prices


Many of you know where I stand on gold. Despite having forecast gold to rise to very high prices in America's Financial Apocalypse, the fact is the gold bugs have fooled many to believe gold is a hedge against inflation.

They have also tried to scare people by insisting the U.S. will undergo hyperinflation as a way to pump gold further. As I have shown in previous articles, these claims are not true.

I wanted to show you an example of the kind of propaganda being spread about the gold and silver.




What this clown fails to mention is that the Hunt brothers cornered the silver market in the late 1970s. This caused silver to soar. It also had some effect on gold prices.

You should note that I discussed how silver would likely represent a better investment opportunity (down the road) than gold in America's Financial Apocalypse due to similar reasons this man discussed. However, my forecast was not even in the same universe as his.


I do not have the time to discuss just how wrong this clown is. However, I'll state a couple of the flaws in his arguments. Note, there are many other weaknesses in his "forecasts."

First, if you look at his chart in the second video, he is predicting that the price of gold will match or surpass the total monetary base plus the revolving credit. 

The fact is that there was no real revolving credit market prior to 1970. Even when the price of gold matched the number of dollars, revolving credit was a tiny amount unlike today.

He also claims that revolving credit is like cash, but this not so. Revolving credit is securitized into asset-backed securities; something I wouldn't expect a guy with no professional investment experience to realize (although it has been discussed even by the media as of late). 

Furthermore, in the early 1970s, the final portion of Bretton Woods (dollar-gold link) was severed. This created a flight to gold in panic. Added with the manipulation of the silver market by the Hunt brothers, gold spiked further along with silver.

Despite the current manipulation in the gold and silver markets today (which is a vastly different type of manipulation), the two periods discussed by this bozo (the period when the price of gold matched the total of the monetary base and revolving credit in 1980, the period he predicts this same phenomenon to occur) are completely different and not valid comparisons.

Perhaps some of you would like to point out other reasons for his ridiculous claims/forecasts.

Notice the title of his book (mentioned in the first video) - "Rich Dad's Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver." He used this title to suck in all of the naive get-rich-quick individuals who were duped by Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad" book.

And of course, he leveraged Kiyosaki's (ridiculously outrageous and unjustified) success by getting Kiyosaki to write the Foreword as a manner by which to target the Kiyosaki’s huge herd of sheep who are desperate to make money, thinking they can do so by reading what has been referred to as terrible and in some cases illegal advice.

Today, many consider him a fraud.


Do I really need to say anything about Kiyosaki that isn't already known by those with average intelligence who have researched the man?

Look at this. What a waste of paper.




And of course, Kiyosaki has teamed up with Trump.

There's big money when you target sheep.

Maloney’s intentions should be obvious. He has written a book to address the large market of sheep who have been brainwashed by the gold pumpers. He has done this in order to make money selling this book.


And apparently, he has. 

In fact, look at the high ratings - all by a bunch of sheep who feel good in having someone tell them that their investment in gold and silver is going to go through the roof; another basic (although in my opinion, an unethical) marketing tactic.

Most people who write investment books really don't care about providing you with value. They are more concerned with marketing their firm (Peter Schiff) or they want to write about something that addresses a big market (like mutual funds or in this case gold) knowing that it will guarantee they sell a lot of books. 

They operate in a manner similar to the media, which also disguises itself as a provider of value, when in fact, they represent the agendas of those who buy commercial airtime and ads.

Why would someone who either has been pumping gold for years or else who did not truly predict this collapse be trusted to now what is going to happen?

If you conduct an online search you will see his propaganda videos scattered throughout gold websites.

You might also note that this man has ties to, which alone tells you to run like Hell.

You might remember an article I wrote illustrating some of the games Cramer has been up to with his useless trash.  

You might also discover as I have that (with no surprise), he hangs in the same circles as Peter Schiff, Marc Faber and others who claim the U.S. is headed for hyperinflation, the dollar is headed to 0, and gold to the moon. 

Now have a look at this next video; a fear mongering piece by some useless website that markets hyperinflation.

Notice you see Schiff, Faber, Rogers, Paul and the biggest idiot who knows nothing about economics or investments, Gerald Celente; a complete cheese ball. This is a man who merely follows what the other clowns in the media are saying like Schiff and Faber, and claims these views as his own (similar to what many other novices do).

For any of you who have been led to believe that Jim Rogers is some great investor, his claims of hyperinflation prove that he is another extremist trying to manipulate the sheep.

Notice that you do not see any real experts having discussed hyperinflation; only professional marketers. 


It's a perfect example of what I discussed recently; all of these guys are in the same social network.

They work in numbers so as to get their message spread throughout the Internet and other media.

Hopefully, you can see how the gold bugs have grown to represent tens of thousands.

Everyone is out to make money off of the millions of desperate sheep; sheep who are desperate to make back what was taken from them by the same people they are listening to today.

This really disgusts me; the stupidity of the masses. The masses reward the same people who they should avoid.

One more note. When books are big sellers, bloggers will hype them up and include an affiliate link so when you click and buy it, they get paid a commission.

If you are not able to truly recognize deceit, lies, hype and other trash, you are best to stay completely away from the media. Otherwise, you will get screwed. 

And in some cases, depending on the topic, listening to the media could cost you your life, as for example, listening to prescription drug ads.

This kind of trash is ubiquitous today, and it illustrates why you need to stay away from any type of media, both mainstream AND alternative, unless you have the ability to understand when you are seeing/reading trash and when you are seeing/reading legitimate material. 

Chances are very high that you lack this ability because it takes years of study as well as a very good understanding what is going on in the economy and stock market.

I can assure you that 70% of the general population lacks the ability to determine fact from fiction. The remaining 30% has the ability, but only 1% will actually figure out how to and then go on to exert the effort. 

My advice to you is to stay away from the media and everyone who is interviewed by the media. They are being interviewed for a damn good reason, and it has nothing to do with their knowledge or track record.

The media selects people to interview who will support the agendas of their financial sponsors. 

While I cannot guarantee I will always be right, any media I discuss or use will have gone through my own screening mechanisms.

So stop wasting your time looking for shortcuts.

All you will get from reading blogs and news stories and watching financial networks are confusion, misconceptions and lies. And this will lead to big losses. I will guarantee it.

Instead, start spending some time investing in yourself. Educate yourself. Utilize sites with resources to help you understand the investment process better.

Follow proven leaders who offer to educate you.

Stay away from the opinions of rookies who have been disguised as experts.

And stay away from those with agendas.

The sad thing is that this bozo, along with other clowns, get a lot of media coverage. They are invited to speak at all kinds of events around the world because they feed the agenda behind these events.

In contrast, individuals such as myself are shut out because the truth is not as profitable to those who hold these events.  

It's all a big game to screw the public. If you are a wannabe financial expert who is willing to participate in this game, you will be inducted into the media club. That will lead to a huge sum of money because you will attract a huge following of sheep. 

In contrast, if you try to tell the truth and wipe out these lies, you will be banned from the media as I have.

Being banned will have a huge effect. No one will know who you are. And your insights will not be taken seriously because the vast majority of individuals equate expertise with name recognition and media appearances. 

In the end, being banned by the media will compromise one's ability to assist the general public.

But always remember this. The only things that matter are a person's track record and whether or not they have agendas. 

In the end, if you have been banned by the media, eventually you will be forced pack up and head for more reasonable business opportunities because your audience will be much too small to support the work you do. It simply won't be financially feasible.

As I have learned, it does not pay to tell the truth or to help investors. In fact, it can be very detrimental to your career. It pays to jump on the bandwagon along with everyone else who seek to misinform investors while filling their pockets.

Too many people think they can get valuable insights for free. It's shocking how they have not learned this is not the case.  Eventually, they will.

This is just one more reason why I won't be writing anymore books providing economic and investment forecasts. Without an adequate audience, it is a complete waste of my time. In fact, I know that several of the guys in the media club have used my material and are claiming it as their own, knowing that no one else will know the difference since I have 0 exposure. And when I’m gone, you will be subject to the trash out there.

I never had any intention of charging for access to this site, but the audience is too small to justify the time I spend here. And despite the requests made by Henry and myself to spread the word, the results have been pathetic. As a result, this site will soon be paid access only.

Readers of this site could have made a difference, but they have not. The smaller the audience, the higher the fees charged for access.

What's even more shocking is there have been a couple of individuals who actually sent me emails recommending sites for me to look at, as if I would actually bother to waste my time on what others have to say. Amazingly, these are individuals who are familiar with my track record.

That tells me three things.

First, these individuals don't get it. They are still naive, which sends me the message that my efforts have been wasted.

Second, why would I care what anyone else has to say when I have the best track of them all? 

Third, they simply don't realize that leaders in thought are leaders in thought, not followers. My insights are my own. It is a waste of my time to read any website or other material other than as a way to gauge market psychology.

To these couple of individuals, let me say this. Maybe instead of recommending that I go to other sites, (which is not only highly insulting, but also demonstrates how naive you are) if you had been recommending this site, things would not be what they are.

In the end, it appears as if much of this website's audience does not belong here. They belong with the rest of the sheep. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. 

So you see, it would appear that even many of the small audience of this site remain clueless; yet, another reason for me to pack up and move on.  At that time, your investment assets will be devoured at the hands of the wolves out there. And I can guarantee you they are all wolves.

Bobby Knight does a remarkable job of expressing my sentiment on the disappointment.




As I have learned, it does not pay to tell the truth or to help investors. It pays to jump on the bandwagon along with everyone else who seek to misinform investors while filling their pockets.

Too many people think they can get valuable insights for free. It's shocking how they have not learned this is not the case.  Eventually, they will.



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